Friday, May 3, 2013

Mow and Destroy 05/03/13 (Playlist)

Yeah... Mowing the lawn AGAIN. Who would have thought that running over those newspapers week after week was a good thing... The grass is greener than it ever has been... AND its growing faster!

Dead Man's Curve THE BLACKOUTS "History In Reverse"
Sugar Mountain NEIL YOUNG "Decade" [Disc 1]
Six And Change THE PAGANS "Shit Street"
Meet Me In The Pocket Q AND NOT U "Different Damage"
Metal Postcard (John Peel Session Dec.1977)  SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES
                                                                        "The Scream [Disc 2]"
Suicide Invoice HOT SNAKES "Suicide Invoice"
Candidate JOY DIVISION "Unknown Pleasures"
I Remember Nothing JOY DIVISION "Unknown Pleasures"
Give Up THE PAGANS "Shit Street"
Shake The Hippie 39 Clocks Pain It Dark
In A Lonely Place Detail JOY DIVISION "Heart And Soul [Disc 3]"
Fadeout 1930 TUBEWAY ARMY "The Plan"
Track 09 THE CINCINNATI SUDS "In Your Bedroom..."
I'm Out Nine DEAD MOON "Dead Moon Night" & "13 Off My Hook"
Return The Gift GANG OF FOUR "Entertainment!"
Search And Destroy IGGY AND THE STOOGES "Raw Power"
Insight JOY DIVISION "Unknown Pleasures"
She's Lost Control JOY DIVISION "Unknown Pleasures"
Shadowplay JOY DIVISION "Unknown Pleasures"
( ) The Men Leave Home
Linda Blair Was Born Innocent THE MOUNTAIN GOATS "We Shall All Be Healed"
Ee-Uh! NUMBERS "Ee-uh"
White Walls Synthetic ID S/T EP
The Earth Is In The Sky TOM VERLAINE "Songs And Other Things"
S/T EP cover art