Monday, April 29, 2013

ExperiMENTAL 04/12/13 (Scene Notes)

"Notes On Nearly Impossible Understanding of an Nearly Understandable Scene"

In-between the pulling of everyday life I finally completed my one-day exposure of being ear deep into the fray... It all starts with the last thing I wrote about the night, which is a truth that is full of essence and pure power... It ends with YET-ANOTHER live tragedy where a Romeo truly lost.

“No ones gonna read it or believe it otherwise 
so why should I make it readable?”

1. Daniels Pub.
2. "Is this 'the back way' or something?"
      "No."             "Oh...How odd."
1. A last ditch... Daniels Pub is someone’s Junkers Tavern.
2. Experimental with emphasis on MENTAL.
3. Sound IS art. Never-ending.
4. Melody is held hostage. JG Ballard would be proud.
Frantic noise-isms with avant displays of public exaggerations.
Thanks Sonic Youth you’ve been good and left your mark. Every king dies except one and you, apparently are NOT that king.
6. GROW HORNS. (2nd)
Could this count as AM static? Internal exorcisms at work exhumed in burst of unchained latent aggression. An eye-to-eye match up with a sonic tsunami. Choose your tree to climb and hold on tight.The confidence to push boundaries of definition and acceptance are not only noted but also admired. Resilience and definition are tools not immoveable forces. 
Like water, sound is needed fir existence of life.   
      6a. GROW HORNS/WAN: Cincinnati’s newest No-Fi label, WHALETRAP RECORDS hands me a disc for listening featuring a split between GROW HORNS and a band called WAN. The disc has ten total jams but also there was no instant database automatic track and band listing. The first five (I think) are GROW HORNS,,, Loud cryptic subsensual no-fi with a twist of cynicism. There’s been another election and it has determined that you are next. Prepare for the end. Experimental music such as these first five songs would sound great at a decent volume level; whilst reading books. Remember books? WAN (I suppose) get the last five tracks. The use of TV background noise sets a mood of eerie doom. And hopelessness, There are optimist out there who would do well to hear these tracks and know that there are elements behind the uncovering of the truth that they have denied until hearing these tracks, Society, your days are numbered. One day bands like GROW HORNS and WAN will be deemed terrorist because music such as on this recording spits of possibilities, concepts and boost a questioning mind into action. The next revolution will be based around dissident melodies and almost forgotten sonic-angst. Basically, the pocket of resistance has already formed and its spitting sonic bites of consumer death awareness right back. The Sonic revolution has started and the wave has yet to grow as big as it will be. We are at war (again) that will prove that silence can still be heard. Silence is a deafening sound. 
7. There is no such thing as silence. Silence has sound
8. Is sound revolutionary?
                                         Yes. If you let it be.
9. Cincinnati’s burgeoning noise scene... No-Fi... is admirable. A vestige of indefinable standards like anything else, has its moments and times of shining spotlights... This night was one... Also something else that becomes so big, so fast, that splinter ideas encompass every dank hole bar and hole in the wall that begs for use. In a city trying to revitalize itself neighborhood by neighborhood the confidence of re-expansion nouveau colonialism street by street, hill by fucking hill. Valley by valley... Something unmanageable as no-fi lets the balance is maintained.
10. Or something
See full size imagew/ the incomparable Nelson Slater at the helm with Miles Uroshevich and a saxophonist whose name escapes me (I’m sorry) but who I also admire for his insistent recording via a 'tape machine' (as the moniker goes).
12. The room looks as if a survivor’s collection of rock and roll soldiers. Nelson Slater is Cinci
nnati’s George Washington... The patron city Saint of Bravery... Slater encompasses everything you could suck off him concerning self-confidence. Slater is the ambassador of sound. Bringing it to your face shoving it down your throat. It’s a meal-deal of sorts with a side of WTF.
13. Approx. 4 jams deep brings you to a hit... Not THEE hit but A hit... Slater isn’t done. "Wild Angel" solidifies Nelsons place in the grand scheme of things. Making it work...Hitting like an anthem of sorts. Nelson Slater eats your heroes for breakfast! Those who had 'smart phones' instantly checked their mail as if some mystical power had a room full of smugglers, bank robbers and other assorted ne’er-do-wells that discovered instantly that all-new heroes were sent to each of them in a zip file for instant downloading.
14. 1975 called.. It wants NYC back! Jokingly commenting to watch where we walked concerning Slater’s documented Portal-ology. We ended up stepping in one nearly automatically and embracing it. Glenn Branca called. He is ready for unconditional surrender now. “Breakfast just isn’t what breakfast use to be since... You know..."
Nelson Slater is HONESTY in its purest form. You never could handle the truth.
15. From the Proving Grounds: She said she lived on this street but didn’t reveal which house so it was only natural to traverse the street yelling her name to no avail… Cupping his hands around his mouth to achieve maximum, direct volume He yelled.

"BRANDY?... BRAN-DEEEEEE?!" There was no response.