Friday, December 21, 2012

OLD CITY "Hot Horse" EP-DL

Old City is a band in constant flux. Originally it started off as a side-project by Sammy Mckee and bit by bit, each bandcamp release by release Old City has grown to become a full-on working three piece unit involving Dave Cupp on drums and now Gabe "Lion Cub" Molnar wielding on bass. Old City has really found the sweet spot too. Moving a bit farther away from the electronic-ness of past EP's, on Hot Horse ya got a band that appears to be settling in for the long haul. Each member of Old City have been in constant bands for the past 10 years plus... On Hot House you can tell. From one rocking jam to another you can hear the redone version of the minimal mantric anthem "Simple Solution" and see for yourself where the band is going... Leaping forward! I said leaping. I foresee this line up getting solid and really staking their spot in the Cincinnati Underground music scene as leaders. Sammy has refine his methods and while working Dave and Gabe into the band piece by piece... It’s just special and exciting to watch Old City grow. With a sound that seems rooted in bands like THE POSTER CHILDREN and DINOSAUR JR. with maybe a tinge of Dirty era SONIC YOUTH. I also hear a sprinkling of WUSSY and GUIDED BY VOICES in there which is not a big surprise... WUSSY have become 'quite the shit' and GUIDED BY VOICES is just one of those bands that have defined a reason to believe. Hot Horse is well produced. It sounds thick and the songs represent perfect refreshingly structure. Easy to listen from start to finish and will leave you hitting the repeat button a few times in a row in an attempt to get an ear full. "Romantic Comedy Transcends Genre" is 'my fucking jam dude',

Visit Old Citys bandcamp age HERE

"...At Least I Tried"