Wednesday, December 19, 2012

ART-EYE: CT Rasmuss: War On Idleness (Interview)

As December began Artist CT "Chad" Rasmuss began his War On Idleness where he plan to do 30 paintings or art works in 30 Days. This project sounded interesting eniugh so I asked him a few questions about his meaning of art.

Questions by Shawn Abnoxious ...THWART!

Answers by CT Rasmuss

CT can you tell me and ...Thwart! readers about your WAR ON IDLENESS and your VINCENT VAN GOGH 30 day experiment? Are they 'connected'?

Yes! I believe so, just came up with WAR ON IDLENESS today, while blogging about my experience so far in 100 PAINTINGS IN 30 DAYS experience to date (2 days to be exact, so far, haha). To be a little more specific, "War on Idleness" is a direct result of this experience, I can't help but wonder if it's similar to his reasoning, 'you are your worst enemy (critic)' dilemma; what will ever be 'good enough' sort of thing. “WAR' because sometimes you just have to let go, and charge into the face of the enemy, without looking back/giving into your fears: The first rule of Fear in my book is-"Don't be afraid!" I feel it relates to Vincent in the way he always faced his fears (others who ridiculed him) and got through his fits of self-destruction, to get what was in him, OUT! And now the same people who would have pointed at him and smirked, now can't "look away" from all he did in his short life... He's a light still to this day, now more than ever for the so-called 'rejects' of society, with big hearts as he was in his time; A perfect soul who created imperfect masterpieces!!!

So the war and experiment ARE intertwined. How is it going now? Are you on track to succeed?

Good question, "Am I on track to succeed?” part of our daily struggle, in the long wrong (30) days I believe so; as it stands now: It's Day 6 & I have 17 finished with 83 to in a marathon you must pace yourself. I’ve never run a marathon, but if I were to run 26 miles and meet my goal (time-wise), I'd form have a plan in mind, like I did in this scenario. At 1st it was: Start out with 5 a day to get ahead, which I did (w/o compromising quality, main goal to finish line). But since then I've been inconsistent, never getting back to original 5, just 1 yesterday and zero so far today, lol! No matter the outcome, the experience is compact in things to take away, many layers and too many for this moment to reflect on properly; I do believe "The War on Idleness" is being won for now, one day at a time! 

So even if you don’t make your ultimate goal then it’s a true nod to Van Gogh’s ability huh? 

Yes I believe so, the attempt is a "true Nod", I'd agree in saying; He’d (Vincent) or You/the Public would be the one's to truly decide. But I'm in it for the day to day, the end result is another entirety in of itself, I'll cross that road when I get there.

Is all art a 'threat', specific kinds of 'art' or is it just bullshit?

Art a threat? Hmm, I suppose today as of now it's mostly aimed at the commercial side (appealing to masses/mass produced/copied) than it was say at the time of The European Renaissance when art started to challenge the Dogmas of the Catholic church. Today it's mostly water-down in my opinion, "Gatorade" as opposed to "Red Wine"; I aim to be a threat to violence and oppression, which the great artists such as Van Gogh, and Da Vinci were, as Picasso's Guernica was to the Spanish Civil war of his day, etc. At a time of warring states/nations/religions, artists have the ability to make "Peace" by way of a "War of Art"! Paint is non-toxic, it can however be used for evil, such as the Nazi's and their mastery of propaganda. For this reason I believe in promoting its antithesis: "Anti= propaganda" by way of telling people like it is (idealism, romanticism, etc. also) one artwork at a time, rather than manipulation of the masses, which eventually happens if no one is on guard

Are you currently winning the War on Idleness? Could acknowledging idleness itself a winning blow?

Not at this very moment, but I've prepared and I'm ready for today's battle, it looks promising; and yes acknowledging Idleness itself is a nice blow to the 'enemy'! But I'm determined to free my conscious from this 'enemy', not just my physical state, I believe a cleared conscience is the harder Win here.

Would you say the formation of SON_ART_A is part of your personal theatre of operations in your WAR ON IDLENESS?

Well last night at Creativa, acting on behalf (T_Paine) of Son_Art_A along with fellow founders, Pop.Calypse and Red Rodney, I was able to finish 27 post it note paintings during the event, I also did numerous drawings on post its, but they aren't technically paintings (so they don't count toward the 100) If it weren't for the group, I would have just done my normal 1 painting during my live performance; instead I was able to complete numerous drawings and paintings, mostly studies categorically speaking; but impact-full in the grand scheme eventually. For me as an artist. Not to mention that I was able to view the other performances by way of capturing them in memory through rendering what I saw, by way of gesturing, as well as symbolically, or good ole fashioned expressionism. An inner circle of WAR ON IDLENESS was discovered, thanks to being part of a group Son_Art_A within a group CREATIVA, by far much more was accomplished, opposed to than just being on my own as, C.T. Rasmuss. Proof together we can create more/far better than alone/isolation. Over 50 studies compared to 1 finished work. May the public decide for themselves on this one, I am comfortable in my decision of adding these 27 pieces to the 100; as they took over 4 hours in duration & are by the least, 'finished' studies at that. Art is art and I am content with the outcome, much more than expected going into last night. Matter of fact: the dancer and drummer we (you and I) rendered in over 15 gestural drawings, want the originals to frame and hang up in there dance studio as soon as I can photocopy to send to California artist. That's another story ey?!

What would you like ...THWART! readers and Art lovers to know about you, your philosophy on art and your immediate artistic future?

What I would like them to know about me; that I have faults like everyone else, and at times I may sound mushy or cliché, but it's all about the cognitive for me, most of the time. If you say it enough you just might live it, and I personally wish for comfort, but realize you have the 'get' there first; I'm thinkin the nest I make for myself isn't fit for livin unless the nest around me are too...a good balance of give/take is a requirement to rest assure. My philosophy on art is like Art, always changing, just about everyday in fact, many theories/possibilities, my personal moral code, is my torch which hopefully gets stronger in time, as opposed to weaker the further I venture into this world. "Art is what you make it" as far as immediate artistic future, not sure, never sure, like life, Art is hard to plan out; sort of a torturous parallel that I believe makes the best Art so real. Thanks again Man!!!

Thank you CT. A-R-T-o-r-D-I-E

Art or Die!!! haha! I choose Art!

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