Friday, June 15, 2012

"Walking" by Homemade Drugs

"You should do ___(This)_____"

"You should do ___(That)_____"

When people, not necessarily friends (but not excluding friends) tell me these lines I almost always respond the same way...

"Yeah, I should do a lot of things."

I should be writing right now... I suppose I am... I mean, I wanted to write one thing, and I did a bit... But here I am writing this. I watched some TV. Ate a whole bag of mini-donuts (I suppose it was someones plan, not sure if it was mine, but I did it anyhow). Drank too much soda, heard "Walking" by Homemade Drugs and opened up a beer to write this.

Yeah, I should do a lot of things.

But this is the thing I'm doing.

I took to"Walking" right away. The guitar rhythm pulled me in. It grabbed my attention. i came for the guitar but when it suddenly cut out leaving the bass and drums to set the mood... Well, i got comfortable and stayed. Once those lyrics hit, I knew i had to get comfortable for a bit. Hit repeat time and time again and really get into what Homemade Drugs were doing here.

That infectious guitar kept returning. The songs drive became more represented by one of those sorta moments that one of the more out-there bands that space-out from time to time, but always live on the periphery of a scattorous hinterland and walk on the thin line of completely rocking out. I'm a sucker for songs like this. Imagine the more together, straightforward times of THE FALL or CAN... Its not a stretch to imagine Mark E. Smith or Suzuki (or whoever Can might have at the moment) waxxing some babbling lyrics over the music but instead you too will be double-checking the line-up for this band to make sure it isn't Tim Schwallie from THE WOLVERTON BROS. taking lead. In fact, this band could be like a second coming of The Wolverton Bros. if you ever wake-up one day in an alternate dimension and find a world where the Bros. died in some sorts of epic battle.

"Walking" verily well could be a Wolverton Bros. song.... But its not, That is the cool thing about it. We, (your with me right?) not only live in a city with a band like The Wolverton bros. but now we have Homemade Drugs. "Walking" is just one song... I listened to others, they are awesome to behold too... But this song reached to me. It created a space for me. It called my name and I was listening.

Dragging me in. "Walking" dragged me in. I had no chance. The door opens and I walk, no- sail right in! It feels like home. It smells like home. It is home. I have finally arrived, after all this time.


I better call and let them know I got here OK..

You need-not be concerned with tho them are right now. That is the mystery your left with.

Some can say home is where your momma is. That may still be the case, but I'm not so sure...

"Walking" was recorded live at The Comet (my Home-bar)... I know verily little about this band, but I'm not afraid to know more. You should also be not afraid to learn more. You should do a lot of things...