Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Live Forever" by The Bitter Airplane

     I kept wanting to turn The Bitter Airplanes "Live Forever" up louder and louder. It seemed like as loud as it got, the song couldn't get loud enough. It seemed like there was just a little bit more in there that had yet to manifest itself... "Live Forever" had that same feel that I felt when I hear Dinosaur Jr. for the first time... Early on in this jam you can hear the snare drum matching up to the vocals adding a dramatic feel to the song."Live Forever" is the kind of song that propels me to unwarranted and criminal action. The kind of song that brings about a nervous energy that invokes movement. Like if I seen The Bitter Airplane do this song I would maybe choose to pour the remainder of the beer I'm drinking out in an adjacent corner of the venue for unknown and mysterious reasons. That's the thing about magic. Sometimes its for you, other times against you. Sometimes it may seen for you when its really against you and vice versa. You just never know about magic. Some would say its best left alone but then you gotta realize, magic is also one of those things that may already be there, working its way in and out and you just don't notice it. With The Bitter Airplane, and this jam that they say is from their upcoming album (is this a teaser? Oh you swampy one!)its better to just roll with it. let happen what will happen. Make victories out of defeats and double up any victories that come your way (Multiply, Next-Level that shit!). Let the magic happen. So, are you wondering what I would do after pouring out that beer? The magical thing... Buy another one... for the economy! pay double tax for my country!