Sunday, November 27, 2011


OK, get the song playing first... Then read the poem... Follow it by the video of the shopping madness (for full-effect). One horde is no better than the next... Raul Kennedy may be the TRUE Last American... I fucking mean that...

(Thanksgiving 2011---for Raul Kennedy)

We gather to feast for thanksgiving
on meals of traditional offerings... 
Sometime just after all the turkey naps
brought on by all the leftover toxins
from deep inside all the euthanized turkeys
that died for Americas traditionally
             fortified [unending] hunger...
There comes a special time where we, 
the fortified and traditional peoples,
separate into two judgmental hoards.

You find the fortified 1's who go shopping
and gather at the gates
of the stores, outlets and malls
that storm inside at the specific moment
to fight for the deals of their lives
and get all the material things
that they think will make them feel
better about themselves and each other...
That is, until next years 
set of big deals come along...
These are the same1's who thinks that 
every1 else are crazy to pass up such offers.

Then, there are the traditional 1's 
who watch those shopping hoards 
stress the burdened gates to their limits
and witnesses this wanting to such a degree
where violence is realized to achieve their need.
Elbows, kicks, shoves and pepper spray...
The traditional1's watch in amazement and horror 
and feel better about their place 
behind the TV screens as spectators.
They see those other1's out there, 
fighting for the deals with 1another, 
as the crazy1's...

He said "This means war"
to the cashier as he exited...
He was armed with a 2-L of generic, 
store brand Diet-soda intended 
for mixing with bottom-shelf whiskey.
The soda and whiskey (both)
from conveniently packaged
and expertly priced plastic bottles 
di-rect from their respected manufacturers...
The two hordes watched him from
their associated positions
and they waited for the 'go' signal patiently...

In the mix just before everything
falls apart one more time...
Concerning all the possible players
in all of the multiple scenes...
He was the only 1 that made any kind of sense.