Thursday, September 22, 2011

Moving the Citadel

This use to be a castle
Now its just a hassle...

The news said sometime, in the next several days, a NASA satellite will fall to earth. Watching the news this morning, one newscaster said that this satellite was suppose to land somewhere in the Pacific ocean.

In related news, there is a conspiracy theory stating that a large 'mothership' is supposed to return to earth sometime this weekend that was launched by the Egyptians 6,000 years ago and is some sort of 'time capsule' loaded to the brim with lost knowledge.

Science will have its revenge.

Until then, listen to a practice version of a Socials song called "Moving The Citadel" recorded by Andy Brightone at our practice space we call Eight Foot Under (8FU)

"Citadel" is a song that was developed as a concept. One day, earlier this decade, just before the band Zero Crag disintegrated, AJ was showing Mike and I his new room. He pointed to a specific place in his room and said "This use to be a castle..."

He insisted that he said closet, but Mike heard him say castle too. So I jotted the thought down on a piece of paper, a common practice of mine, and rejoined the thought when writing the lyrics for the song that would become The Socials "Moving The Citadel"

No, despite popular belief, song lyrics are not "You use to be a hassle, now your an asshole" but its ok if people think that way...

Listen to the Song HERE