Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So, a new episode of the biggest mess in the midwest, FUNCTIONAL INCONVENIENCE is now available for your 'pleasure' (however you define such a thing)...Listen to the newest installment HERE Just click on the link at the site  and it will begin playing...

FI #20
The 20th incident of FI is titled "Tragedy strikes again!  Object fall from the Sky!  People worry they're gonna die!" The movie this time around is the infamous Naked Lunch (the "Get Hungry" version) of which the ENTIRE film was shown, in one sitting! Bands played include Devo, Barkhard, Einsteins Riceboys, Past Mistress, The Edge, The Long Gones, Willie & Co., Guitar Wolf, Mark Chapmans .38 Caliber, End Result, Lou Reed, The Stooges, White Walls, Deathtrip, Beta Band, Kill The Hippies, The Chills, The Briefs, Stiff Little Fingers, Mission of Burma, Suicide Commandos, The Runaways, Wasteland Jazz Unit, Method Actors, The Professionals, XL Capris, Foreigner, Jeff, Go Go Go Airheart, Barrence Whitfield & The Savages, Josh Ritter, Tutu & The Pirates (x2), Vegetable, Gaunt, The Chocolate Horse, Gray, DA! Something Fierce, LOVE, The Sleepers, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Figurines

The Table (with Records)FI co-host, the illustrious Brighty, turned me onto a new band called VEGETABLE and their one-sided 7" record and I was simply enough BLOWN AWAY by it! Its fun being excited about music again... Even if I dont understand why Im exactly saying 'again' the way I am... This band deserves attention. Im still having problems plopping down $5 for a 7", especially a one-sided one, but I hear thats pretty common place these days... Well, fuck these days... I will get use to it, but I still dont have to like it one fucking bit... I miss the $3 7"! Ba-humbug!!!