Thursday, August 11, 2011

Take Out Your Pistols... Its a Reunion?

Breaking news. You heard it here on ...THWART first!

If you look on the feed-back page, you will find a message from Mike Enright of THE ED DAVIS BAND to myself, where he mentions that a ED DAVIS BAND REUNION is NOT out of the equation.

Now I wasn't 'that guy' when contacting Mike, he brought the issue up to me. I mean, yeah, I would love to see a reunion here in Cincinnati maybe coinciding with another CUSTOMS show, and lets throw favorites BY PRODUCTS OF AMERICA in for good measure... All of it in a dirty alley somewhere in Northside in the summer of 2012.  But who knows what the future will bring? This, or something better.

So this blog would be a good place to hear any future developments concerning this Reunion... The If's, Why's and all that kindsa stuff.
Until then...

Take out your pistols....