Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Reason Why The Yard is Half Mowed

Mowing the lawn...
The lawns growth being
as-if a never-ending, uphill struggle...

The story of my life.
Hill after hill after hill.

"My Son" as performed by
Is up on the player...
Thru the headphones...
For me…
At me…
With me…

This, despite the fact
That I am far from my goal
of completing the mowing job...
This song is the reason

        ... It’s a damn good song.
        ... Quite possibly the best song ever!

I said

The song inspires action.
The song demands action.
The song brings action...

A different style of action...

As I sing-a-long to the jam
I turn the mower in mid-job
With half of the yard still needing mown
and bring it to rest in the barn
where it normally sits when not in use.
Still singing a long,
I turn off the mower
And leave the remainder of the yard
for some other time.
Some other song.
You Can Climb A Mountain
 BPA @ The Gypsy Hut
Tim Schwallie (Vocals/Guitar)
Tim Schwallie of BPA sings "My Son"