Sunday, July 24, 2011


     Honestly, what could I possibly say about THE BUFFALO KILLERS third full-length release, 3 (from ALIVE RECORDS) and not be biased as fuck? I think when I was asked for my address, in anticipation for getting a promotional copy, it was not because of my knowledge of music and my unbiased attitude, 3 wasn’t even sent to me, I believe, because The 'Killers expect a biased, totally positive review… The easy-sell… After all, I have never been about such methods in the days of THE NEUS SUBJEX and I’m not about any of that business now with THWART. Ultimately, this disc found its way to me because I had a Lil' somethin'-somethin' to do with the band being called THE BUFFALO KILLERS. In fact, from something I wrote about a band called THEE SHAMS within a print issue of THE NEUS SUBJEX, THE BUFFALO KILLERS decided to adopt as their name. So, from this act, and the fact that Zach Gabbard (bass, vocals) was so grateful of my support of the band (back when I was objective) that he promised me eternal merch hook-ups for all things 'Killer; were talkin' 2X-sized T's!!!! On Zach s part, that deffy shows gratefulness... BUFFALO KILLERS posters, drink coozys, placemats, sun-shields, black light banners. I have all that shit. So 3, how does it stand against the previous two fulllies (full-lengths)? In my totally biased opinion, just fine. There are some standouts, as there always are... I’m verily enthralled with the hooky tune, “Huma Bird” which is a ‘mythical’ creature sorta like a phoenix or thunderbird that really sets the bar for the stance of who, what, why, where, and how THE BUFALO KILLERS view themselves, their place in the scheme of things and where they are going. They not only seen that birds shadow, but if they look to their right, they will see that bird perched on each of their shoulders. “Huma Bird” coupled with "Circle Day", is two back-to-back heavy-hitters with quite a punch combo. It has a bit of a frothy-bite about it. Acerbic and spiteful, it sounds almost mean. The sort of meanness that I can appreciate though. There’s a time and there’s a place. There’s nothing better than really proving a point, and “Circle Day” seems to me to be an example of getting a last word in. Its vocals/lyrics sound like a dig against someone, maybe something (I’m not sure) but it speaks with conviction. It’s guitar arrangement and drumbeat reminds me of a lost T.REX outtake… Another favorite track for me is a middle jam; with 'jam' being in reference to a song (according to Jon Brannon of EASY ACTION lingo) and 'middle' referencing the fact that the song is pretty much in the middle of the CD (FUCK! Why, oh why did I feel the need to explain that?)... Anyway, the song is "Jon Jacob" and by this time on the CD you are totally bombarded with metaphor and allegory and submerged, whether you like it or not, into the world that is THE BUFFALO KILLERS. Enchanting, mythical, surreal. Like looking at a Salvador Dali painting eating a bologna and cheese sandwich with a plate of cold fried chicken up next and a 16 oz. Pepsi in one of the olde tyme bottles you needed an opener for to wash it all down with. You can attempt to work sideways around the barriers of wonder by partaking of a double traditional absinthe drink, or maybe something else next level, but trust me mein friends, it may help, but the 'Killers are OUT THERE. That is a good thing too. I highly endorse it! But don’t worry, worry not gentle bohemians, the ‘Killers, they are professionals! It’s their job to be on the edge of where everyone else is and report back from the frontier through song. Let their songs be documentation of that space between here and [out] there. Take 3 for what it is: the bands documentation of them moving into, and solidifying their place on that edge, getting comfortable and really starting to find their sound. I can’t help but to hear a tad bit of YARDBIRDS and CREAM shining through on this... A bit psychedelic, but all rock and/or roll. Honestly, I know I'm biased, I’ve admitted that., I’ve confessed that (and I don’t care!) but Zach and Andy never sounded better. I imagine, at times, these guys going to get drive-thru at McDonalds or some other restaurant that really, really cares like Wendy’s, Arby's, or maybe even, KFC's... And each member of the band singing what they weren’t to order. I mean, yeah, Joey would proly just stare at invisible, mythical figures floating above his head (Huma Bird maybe) in a hypnotic gaze, and then recite his order lightly to whoever was in the drivers seat, but that would be totally acceptable... On 3, THE BUFFALO KILLERS revel in their comfort and lash out as the pioneers that they have always been. Is this a good CD? No, it’s an amazing CD! Just trust my bias and me. Shit all turned to cloud right in front of mein eyes, a shadow passed over me and I found a feather on my shoulder.

Joseph & Andrew #11 Joey, Andy (@ The Mad Frog)

Zach Gabbard #6 Zach (@ The Mad Frog)