Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I Was There The Day America DIED!

"Hope you got your things together. 
Hope you are quite prepared to die.

Looks like we're in for nasty weather. 
One eye is taken for an eye."
—from "Bad Moon on The Rise" by Creedence Clearwater Revival

I fully expected Donald Trump to be victorious in the 2016 Republican Primaries giving him momentum to his eventual election. It's not what I want, but what I expect. America is mad, violent and pissed-off place—in one way or the other. Compassion is an endangered idea. Deceit is rampant. Socialism is a 'bad word' and often confused with Communism and Fascist principles. The Anti-PC backlash gives permission to be mean, rude and when used in relation with ageism, racism and the class system—has the people more divided than ever. Money, gold and oil hold even more importantance. George Orwells 'Two-Minutes of Hate' concept from his novel 1984 seems far surpassed in the amount of time spent on such a thing. Just two-minutes would appear to be a blessing!

Although this shit-storm presidential election process is just getting started, and Trump maybe victorious after-all, the sense of doom amoung myself and most of my peers has already set in deep and quite possibly may have nothing to do with Trumps election, but just part of the current American Zeigeist. In trying to capture that feeling, I fashioned the Trump Doom image from an image found on the Internet in the same vein as then famous Obama Hope image from the 2008 election. Use this image freely and accordingly.

Below is a fresh belles-lettrest writing encompanasing many of the foreboding doomness that I'm feeling. In reference to one of my favorite parts in one of my favorite movies Woodstock "Get off the towers, man... A storm is coming... Get off the towers!  Hold onto your neighbor everybody... Everybody chant: No Rain! No Rain! No Rain!"

The rainstorm of course came, but the storm was weathered...


On the horizon of a stereo-moon... Kiss yourself goodnight and say "See you soon!" [Please] Note: the species of imaginative screens and the way they seem... It's been days since crime has been privatized and no one can see the difference! Their bloodshot greedy, glazed eyes don't miss a thing. The expiration date of a secret is your attention span divided by two. Do the math if you have too.

Terror fills the heights, in disguise of flying knives.

Attention-Slaves of the lowly hum... Together as a sum; the same way the tribes played their drums... The age of distraction has no hold on the dream of traction. The sea of possibility leaves you stranded hundreds of miles inland turning the turnstiles of a new plastic flavored path... Written in a cryptic note found inside a bag of potato chips "My super weapons can beat up your super weapons." 

All of it withheld, soft-licks provide you just a taste of you are... Evil finds a way. The worst is sometimes the best that's offered. Get a beer or two... Watch the news.  Every time you hear the word 'Hero' take a drink... The solem rainbows... The hissing rainbows... The contemptuous rainbows. High on promise, low on proof... Travelling at the speed of a Dollar-Menu meal-deal twisted like a shining wheel. "Do you want fries with that?"

Double-down when the bubble drowns and declare this zone free from trouble. Just as doomed as the Ravens squeal... XXXX, with their belly full on the doves in-flight, in spite of everything—It's gonna be alright! If we have to die, we die in plain sight. Then leave it up to the zeros, posng in bent light. Armed with a bitter pill and drinking swill... Without a fight... It will go down, at a meter of alright.

Evil always needs an audience, so please take your seats. You are currently the 8th most terrifying vampire in a list of seven. Good try though... I was there when America died and it smelled like fried chicken.