Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Volume Pulsing Treatise

"Sir... How are you doing? You need any help or assistance?"

I was 'pulsing' classical music when the young man at Home Depot asked me this.

Olive was in the back-seat with our family dog. Earlier, I told anyone who asked his name at PetSmart that his name was 'Tailgator.' The dogs name wasnt 'Tailgator' but that didnt stop me. It was a hot day sitting in a car, Even with the windows down... Tailgator was panting heavy so every few minutes I'd turn on the car, blast the AC and cool things down a bit... When I wasnt pulsing I ... Shit! Hold on... I have to explain what pulsing is dont I?

I first seen the act of pulsing with a friend who had a bit too much to drink one night and he began doing the act that I'm now calling 'Volume Pulsing' or just plain ol' Pulsing to you newer fans... The act of pulsing is when you are listening to the radio, but not just radio, and you manipulate the volume knob in quick volume shifts from high to low, or low to high and all points between... 

"Do you ask everyone you see at your job if they are OK or just the people that look like they are in distress?" I said and cut him of a bit just before he answered. "and furthermore, what about me tells you I need help? I just so happen to be doing OK... I think... I've been worse."

Actually I've been much worse but it takes too long to explain.

"I have Type-I Diabetes and tend to ask many people, all day long, how theyre doing just to be nice and compassionate."

"You hit the nail-on-the-head with that one!" I just so happen to be a Type-I diabetic too. It's one of my diagnosis. In moments, Julie was back from her shopping adventure. I quickly gave her an update on my new friend and our conversation... His story switched a bit but thats not really what I intended to relay with this writing piece. I just wanted to talk about Volume Pulsing but its just funny how stuff like this happens... One thing leads to another.