Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Gang of Four - Content Review by Shawn Abnoxious

Although originally released in 2011, Gang of Fours fully Content is new to me as of October of now... I'm just four years late. This time... But this isn't uncommon to me. It happens all the time... The hunt for music within my chosen genre has never been easy... It's actually getting easier but never easy. The same element that made Gang of Four memorable on their infinite classic Entertainment back in the burgeoning punk/post-punk situation, is still recognizable on Content. The music bites with its energy and sarcasm striking deep with rhythm that makes you wanna dance—with guiltful bliss.

I'm verily reluctant to pick up new releases from older bands... Is 'it' still there? Was that magic era truly so great that now, snobs like me should know better? Well, the answer is complicated. First with WIRE... Then T.S.O.L. and now, it takes Gang of Four to give me confidence to day YES!

The same technology that has made things easy and only a few 'clicks' away is working against snobs like me. It's easy to hit a buttonless button* and move on to the new thing. It took several listens for Content to sink-in... How many people out there would do the same? Just by chance, making myself listen to the Content as a whole, repeatedly, because of my consumer guilt of spending $5.00 on a used CD, I found that thing, again, with a truly avant-garde band that deserves another chance.

The fact that I'm writing about this release now— just as Gang of Four have released a brand new CD— is ironic at best... Have I learned my lesson? Finally? I fucking hope so.

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* I consider a 'touch-screen' button, like on iPads, buttonless buttons.