Saturday, July 18, 2015


I have great concern about the rise of Donald Trump. During my work as a machinist I was surrounded by fellow co-workers who believed that housing, jobs and healthcare were rights and not privileges but would repeat the sentiments of the political right and blame the Great Socialist Obama for whatever hot-topic FOX News were feeding them that day. Basically, I'm afraid that the the upfront, bare-bones, uncmpassionate stupid shit that rolls so easily out of his mouth, may be heralded as 'real talk' to factory workers like the ones I once worked with. The news that talk like the Bolshevicks at work, but go home and are too tired to actually learn something about political parties or viewpoints.

I would like to see what Trump thinks after a month of pulling himself up by the bootstraps, running three screw machines 40-56 hours a week under 95-103 degree heat.