Sunday, February 1, 2015

Adolescent Punk Band Lego Blood Is Helping To Bring The Riot Back

When my Sony dual tape deck decided it didn't wanna work anymore, just as the LEGO BLOOD cassette arrived, I felt a certain sadnes, but every empire falls (I love saying that!) and my trusty tape deck -- which was nearing 20 years in service -- Quit. Died. Stopped-working. Left-service. Use any of those terms to define its dis-function or your own way of saying what I said. 

As the tapes started getting back-logged for stuff that needed... No, deserved words... Looks on Amazon for a replacement componet were not looking good. I didn't have enough $$$ for the [only] one I seen there, nor did I really want it. At best, the model on Amazon was a simple, bare model. No flash. No options. A model that, at best, you could listen and maybe dub tapes, but not the cassette type option toggle, the peak volume read-out or the volume boost knob.

I had given up somewhat, that I will admit... That is until trusted Thwart ally, Troy T., suggested (after our second Starbucks Iced Coffee) one day that we hit the Valley Thrift store on Route 4 in Fairfield. Much to my surprise, I found an all-new dual-tape deck at a great price... Not only was the price fucking phenomenal -- just under $10.00 -- but it was a duel deck unit offering knobs and toggles EXACTLY like the one I had! Even the same brand!!! A Sony TC-WE 305 that exhibited no signs of abuse or wear (light or heavy aside) and worked beautifully. I was back in fucking business!

So, that brings us to Lego Blood... I'm 42 years old (I think) and I'm not only a... 'Writer' (I use that term loosely and with hesitation) but I'm also a husband and father of a six-year old daughter. Many of my peers are also husbands, Moms, Dads and/or Uncles and Aunts. Some are even grandparents! So, when sitting on a log inside the Witler on the 8's Basement venues secure compound talking to Dave H. about 'Dad stuff', and the hilarious, totally creative tales of his daughters band, Lego Blood, the evenings meter was set on a rather excellent scale! The flame, the desire is still burning! Maybe brighter than ever! I kept a good look on the mailbox in the days after that session with Dave H. in anticipation of the blood...

Soon enough the tape arrived. I got the new tape deck hooked-up, and it was officially on! Packed full of songs from start to finish, Lego Blood, dually captures and solidifies the meaning of the go-and-do-it punk ethos? Listen or Die could remind someone of Beat Happening mixed with early Mark E. Smith [The Fall]  rantings set to dissonic intermittent guitar work. It's angry and covertly poignant to her life and experiences... Lego Blood could just as easily be a predecessor to bands such as Bratmobile, Bikini Kill  or Heavens to Besty... We all have to start somewhere and Lego Blood is the amazing first step thats more akin to a leap.

Take heed fellow reader, the second coming of thee Riot Grrrl movement is only moments away and I can't wait.