Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Reminisce The Second Battle of Manhattan... Again!

My [adult] re-reading of collected-volume comics from my childhood is getting verily interesting if I say-so myself. I'm finding that comics played a bigger role in my life than I had previously given it although, despite popularity, I've always said comic book titles like G.I.Joe, X-Men and Avengers were my heroes and shaped my morals into the person I am. Rick Veitchs' The One, has also re-done its job planting and watering  the eternal struggle of good, evil and how it relates to capitalism, socialism in an earthquake fist fight for dominance.

As a youth, I was afraid of nuclear war. I had a firm understanding of what assured mutual destruction was... I gave it attention to the possibilities of atomic destruction like it was a relative who lived in a different state... I thought about nuclear war and its link too the Cold War much more than a kid should... That paranoia culminates once more in my re-read of The One.

Initially, I didn't remember exactly what happened in The One but by no means would I consider The One a new read. The Cold War has left its mark on my psyche that will always be with me. The good versus bad is played out in The One in an expert and flashy fashion. My fear was a real one, a tangible problem to me. A thing that shaped me and ultimately leaves me questioning myself: was The Cold War climate really for the better or worse?

Next up is The Dark Knight Returns. So yeah, join me in re-opening whatever door that book opens...