Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thanks 2014 - You kept it Weird

As I look back at Thwart, in 2014, the first word that comes to mind is... Immense! Despite a year that started off on a bad foot (pun intended) 2014 has been one of my most creative years EVER. 

In-between doctor appointments, hospitalizations and fifty two-hour hyper-baric oxygen treatments and maybe one of my worse possible bouts of writers block I personally seen, Thwarts 2014 output is something I look at with great pride. Not since my latter Neus Subjex years has such a creative era ever been realized as well as recognized!

Speaking of pride, it's  not something I allow myself to feel that much. You know, I wanna keep it real. I wanna be humble, but a good year is a good year... I feel that I must acknowledge that yet one more time!

I look ahead to 2015, and whereas I dont want to explain any of my plans (and jinx them), just let me say that plans do exist. Great plans... Plans that hinge on me staying foot ulcer and infection free. I realize that statement may come off as a bit odd to many of you that may not know me that well, so just trust me on it.

Right away, I know a year like 2014 wont be easy to top or even best, but Im gonna give it the ol' college try. 

Let the record show... I never went to one day of college.