Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Generators -State of The Nation

Moving on and moving forward, Deadbeat gives us the new Smogtown. Well, that moving forward stuff may be questionable to a degree because I wouldn’t consider a clone or a replica of something an improvement, after all something could be lost in the process.

The Generators The Smogtown; this is one sentence.

Whereas The Generators are LIKE Smogtown, I do see some degrees of separation. Plain and simple unlike the war on terrorism, The Generators State of the Nation 10" is not as up and keen, as hard hitting and revelatory, as The Smogtown Beach City Butchers 10".

There’s something lost in the process. That is one sentence.

You see, I don’t think recent Smogtown releases are as good as Beach City Butchers 10". Deadbeat really captured something on that record. Generators State of the Nation could very well be the follow-up to Smogtown’s Beach City, maybe even more so than Smogtown’s Furhers of the New Wave LP. Generators State of the Nation is nowhere near the heavy hitter that Smogtown’sBeach City Butchers is, but it’s NOT BAD.

Not Bad. That is one sentence.

Eight songs… Once again, quality production in fact, a little too clean really, but nothing to whine too much about… Some decent New beach punk in songs like "Here Comes the Plague", "Fantastic Disastor", and "Voices in His Head" a cover of The Cock Sparrer song "Running Riot" is part of two live songs from the 2001 Holidays in the Sun festival in San Fran-frisco. Cock Sparrer… Yeah, that’s so 1997… Miami Vice Soundtrack LPs and Shock Troops… I listen to both at parties for the same reasons now, nostalgia…

I know the way things are.... I think The Generators have other material out, probably on Disaster Records or something I’m guessing… But THIS time I’m not going to run out and follow up this 10" with a sub par "full-length" follow up. Deadbeat seems to capture bands when they are at their peak, so I will probably just leave The Generators here, where they, at least, have a decent standing with me.