Thursday, September 4, 2014

Machine Gun Mary - Rust Belt Rock Trio CD

Well, to be honest, I expected more because of the area they are from Youngstown. A bag full of shits throw from Akron/Kent. In the same neighborhood as Kill The Hippies, Radar Secret Service...The Cock Spaniels ol’ stompin grounds. Machine Gun Mary is not even close to any of these bands, but hey man, it’s all good.

Machine Gun Mary has a black and white 8X10 glossy.... Machine Gun Mary gots some plans! Musically they remind me of something honest and at the same time brutally true to life version of George Thuragood and The Destroyers. Bordering on Rank and File country punk at times, Machine Gun Mary even mustered up a couple laughs when I heard "I’m 28 Years Old (and I work in A Convenience Store)". You can say what you want, I can say what I want, but nothings gonna keep these guys from doing what they want to do.

Machine Gun Mary has an 8X10 black and white glossy.

I can take veneration in the fact that within six hours of Cincinnati is EVERYTHING I ever want in music.
Cleveland, Ohio.
Detroit, Michigan.
Chicago, Illinois.
Indianapolis, Indiana.
Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Knoxville, Tennessee.
Columbus, Ohio.
Lexington, Kentucky.
Louisville, Kentucky.
Toledo, Ohio.
Cleveland, Ohio
Akron, Ohio.
Kent, Ohio.
Sorry for those I inadvertently passed up....
Machine Gun Mary seem like a few guys that I could enjoy a case of beer with. That, in itself is a compliment greater than them being the best band in the world.