Monday, September 15, 2014

Feeble Attempt to Relay the Greatness of Parquet Courts

What a great band! Filling an indescribable vacancy in my trek to listen to meaningful music at loud volumes. Sunbathing Animals delivers a sound leaving me wondering if II found 'it' or maybe 'it' found me... With 'it' being Parquet Courts (PC)! The last time I experienced a similar feeling like this, or anything close to the feeling, was when I bought an early EP collection of Clinic...Sunbathing Animalshas, just as their other releases, is the epitome of what I would call a fresh sound. The approach PC takes to music, their music, is wide and unfocused, other times beautifully complicated with feedback and irregular song structures. At other moments PC seemingly leave you wondering and trying to define exactly what the fuck is happening. Don't forget their expansive and inter-personal Dylan like lyrics. I found myself approaching PC lyrics the same way I do Bob Dylan's songs. Yeah, Im not sure what Maggie's Farm is, but I know that I dont wanna work there no more... Trying to peg PC down with words (and failing horribly) try to magine if Thurston Moore fronted Spoon who really may get into Lou Reeds way of storytelling with song. Sunbathing Animalshas loose moments, noisy moments, and moments that some may dispell as wrong-- beautifully, expertly wrong! PCs music is adventuresome and Sunbathing Animals totally peeks my interest. I wish more bands were like this but then again, I don't.

RIYL: Eddy Current Supression Ring, Disappears, Thee Headcoats,