Saturday, July 26, 2014

Do What You Are Told (Listen to the Radio)

Saturday. Admittingly, not my favorite day of the week (Thursday) but it's ok. So-so... I get a tip (just the tip) that an independent sponsor-based community radio channel, 88.3 WAIF-FM (Cincinnati,Ohio) is having a guest host this week and next-week for Ken Katkins TRASH FLOW RADIO. 

Focusing on the more obscure hyphenated-genres that we all have cone to love and de-temper. The chances are you will hear more things you like than things you hate and who knows, maybe even a squeeky chair in the background too! This past week 'Listener Andy' (or Andy Slob to you older fans) takes the reigns and steps into the realm of radio for at least a couple weeks and holds true to the shows format and who knows? Maybe playing a bit more local Cincinnati stuff like the highly sought after Dream 286 7" in the process?

Activating the way-back machine, I first met Andy as bassist for the Slobs in 1990 during Mark Schaffers Sunday Night Live program in an older, noisier-era for WAIF... I been waiting for a moment like this to unleash that fun-fact... So, do Cincinnati a solid and tune-in to Trash Flow Radio to hear Andy "Thirsty" Slob play you music that you will mostly be into but as always,no guarantees... Just like "real" radio.

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