Sunday, April 6, 2014

Black Planet on Female Hysteria (The Lost Review)

DISCLAIMER: In a perfect example of stupidity, I tried something 'new' with my review of Black Planets Female Hysteria which I wasn't to thrilled about myself... As it would turn out though, I did write a review! So below, you get  the 'Lost Review' of Black Planets real review:

Black Planet
"Female Hysteria"

Self-described as 'funk fuzz pop', initial listens to the newest Cincinnati thang, BLACK PLANET and their new bandcamp offering... Secifically the track "Female Hysteria"- is a stones throw mix between  Frontier Folk Nebraska and psyche (or 'adellic')shoe gaze-or maybe, just maybe (to a lesser degree) rock-drone akin to the unstoppable mind-expanders,  Black Angels and The Lost Sounds. Spouting cryptically Princess Ramona Rules Black Planets "Female Hysteria" takes a great, sudden Iceage-ish turn about halfway through and that is welcomed... Really good stuff... A truly fresh listen that's not a too common thing these days, Black Planet have a name-your-own-price (NYOP) release ready for you and plan on touring this May... But the question and concern remain... Are you ready? I doubt your commitment dear Thwart reader. Prove yourself.

Black Planet
"Female Hysteria"

Not intending in anyway to cheapen Black Planet as a band or as individuals or appear to pull a lazy maneuver myself, I could easily sit and write out a fancy/witty sentence ridden adjective-packed review from my notes (of which I don't take when reviewing bands verily often) or I could just take a picture of my notes and try something new, different and sort-of art-sy or maybe, ultimately, a new kind of confusing. Either way, as always, fuck-it. You get what you get.

The penned portrait drawing was already on this page when I took the notes.


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