Sunday, March 2, 2014

X-Ray Spex "Peel Sessions"

X-Ray Spex
"Peel Sessions and More"
( Lp )

Odd... No sooner did I explain to an un-committed ear about how I feel THE ADVERTS studio albums pale in comparison to their Peel Sessions double LP (mistakingly, I got two copies) I looked and discovered this album! Of course X-RAY SPEX did some Peel Session recordings! It only makes logical sense!!! Despite my daftness, this dayglo yellow slab-o-plastic brought at least three song titles to my attention that were either un-official non-LP version single releases or re-titled well-known SPEX songs designed to confuse the consumer, tricking them into re-buying the same stuff over and over, again and again. Proudly, I took that chance and according to my standards, it paid off.

Side A is chock full of well-knowns from Germ Free Adolescents that sound a bit warmer and were recorded in February  and November of 1978 after Germ Free debuted. On Side B is where it gets interesting... Starting off with two 'backing tracks' (instrumentals) that includes "Prefabricated Icons" and packed with more versions of Germ Free jams before culminating with two more unknowns at LPs end; a reggae soft-stab called "Silly Billy" and the mysterious "What A Way" that makes you wonder what other tricks did this band have up their sleeves? We will never know.


RIYL: Fem-Fronted 77 British punk-rock, Penetration.

Purchased Used at Shake It Records