Monday, March 10, 2014

Sacred Mushroom: Three Reviews of One Great Record.

A brief note about the two drafts:
I tried something I had never did with this release.... I wrote different versions of the same review/ initially this review was intended specifically for High Times. So I wrote one review, my THWART draft... A review without word count limits or otherwise. I then used that as a 'demo' for the High Times Review... I took bits and pieces and tightened it up a bit. So, if your wondering why there's two reviews, then you have your reason.-Shawn

Sacred Mushroom 
(Lp reissue)

Before the city-festival circuit was formed, before the term psyche in reference to psychedelic was cut in two and reformed into a new ‘psyche’ revival movement, Before The Goshorn Brothers Band, Before Pure Prairie League… On the cusp of the Haight Ashbury sound and scene culminated into a dirtier and darker 70’s scene, you had Sacred Mushroom hailing from the Ohio Valley region, specifically Cincinnati, Ohio where the rivers are muddy, or distorted—you choose. 30+ Years later after the French and Italian CD re-issues, After the internet hub-bub of this original record reaching triple number prices on Ebay—Shake it Record vows to re-direct their attention to re-issuing obscure greats from their own community and region to get this accessible gem in your ears! If you got your good ear turned into this direction. Think blues tweaked Psychedelic rockings i.e. Cream, Jefferson Airplane, Hendrix and Blue Cheer. Shuffling drums, pounding bass and split eared guitar overlays that sound like cats fucking in a dirty downtown alley. Music for the people, music by the people! Your record collection isn’t that exclusive anymore. Get up, fire up and drop-in. Music that hits just as hard as it originally did years ago. I’m not sure what you call that on your riverbanks full of industrial waste and dumped bodies, but that’s called timeless around these parts. 

“Your artificial life I must insist 
Reminds me of a virgin never kissed”

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(High Times Draft -- Pre-Edit))

Sacred Mushroom “S/T” LP
Before the city festival circuit, before the ‘psyche’ scene separated itself from ‘adelic’. Before The Goshorn Brothers Band, Pure Prairie League, Raspberries… Sacred Mushroom laid down their take on the expansion of the Haight-Ashbury Influenced blues-fused psychedelic rock scene. Using those templates and successfully capturing the fire that Cream, Blue Cheer, Jefferson Airplane, Love and countless others had lit. Cincinnati’s muddy river had shown its trump card. This mastered-for-vinyl-only reissue brought to you by a region music-ographers Shake It Records, Is an for the/by the people obscure psychedelic rager put back In you, the enthusiast, hands. Listen hard. Listen long.

This s the review that ran in the April 2014 issue of High Times (Picture included)