Thursday, March 27, 2014

(Poem) The Day of Seven Billion Nightmares

The Day of Seven Billion Nightmares

He said:
"Flowers come here to die."
I laughed.

All the best tragedies 
arrive in threes.
... with dreams of shattered trees.
Fuck your holidays. 
Articles of the sky's rebellion 
           bit by bite.
     Attack in spite
An eagle or a kite
Of today's forecast...
"That's not rain

The confession of deep-sins
                                      in the past
     precede newer, fresh sins.
These sins compound one 
                     upon each other.
In every pocket in your pants.
                     Remember when everyone 
woke-up and had a nightmare to tell?
Seven billion nightmares 
Seven billion stories.
Not one of them good.
None of them interesting.
No more dreaming in color.
No more choice.
No more difference.
It's no longer your priveledge.
It's your bourden.

An old man at any age
is a man that realizes 
that one day he will die. 
He accepts the terms and conditions ...
and varied requirements 
                                     of the grim reaper 
and his burdens.
"It is what it is"
... Please hit me with
     a ball-peen hammer
     and surrender my body
                             to the crows!
Commence taking inventory 
of available weapons 
and their accessability...
No knives. No bullets no guns.
...well now...!

A young man thinks he is immortal.
They walk tall and strong.
They smile wide and hunt pussy
They drink cheep beer
In well-lit back alleyways...
Alleyways (without menace)
in their fucking flip-flops.
They don't love that alleyway
          like they should...
Young men are fools.
Ive been there.
Done that.
(Except for the flip-flops)
I was a fool once too.

Driving 175 miles an hour 
     Bumping fist
To those I wish 
to keep at arms length.
Your pathetic prophet,
Is someone else's god.
This is my nightmare.
I implore you, stay away.

Your strength...
is a microwave oven 
                     set on high.
You are soooo done.

The Day of Seven Billion Nightmares
by Shawn Abnoxious March.2014
(special Thanks to T-Wray)