Friday, March 7, 2014

Have Wings, Will Fly: My Night As A Buffalo Killer

"Van Wings"
Embedded Journalist Report
aka "Abstract Dictation Session D"
Re: Buffalo Killers

Sound chech. There are no more jack-stains on that banister from the church days. My first trip to this place (SGHRevival). Revival; part ones part two. We took the HIGHway here. No interstates... That's how they [Buffalo Killers] do it. Working of an old Rand-McNally 1962 map to get around in 2013.  Back-roads are the next big thing... At the climax of taking a breath, shoot it and finish inhaling... Hold your breath as long as you can before releasing. 

My feet may be dried, cracked and 'bleedy' but it don't mean a thing. We are behind enemy lines. Time to fight or die. Only one way out for 'Charlie': Death  or Victory. Wow 'revival...' Great things within an old church. Enemy fortified alleys in this area of Newport Kentucky are enticing. They are full of want... Primal ferocity... Full of violence. I find myself briefly remembering the time before the big pull of gentrification sunk it's fangs into Newport bringing a plague of shopping, dining and other various entertainment that isn't for just anyone... Death or Victory. Breathe deeply... Lethal (but manageable) doses of 'goodhussle fuckwads.' Abounds from the rolling eyes surrounding me of which I have no way in knowing if they are ghost or your everyday run of the mill a-typical assholes. If this sounds a bit contemptuous, it is. Dealing in pills and their side-effects of thrills for the ever elusive freak-out. 

"If that ain't enough to have a good time I don't know what is!"

"Damn straight son and this is a hassle free zone (HFZ) but if your gonna run-it... Then go ahead and run your run big dick-sucker the... YOU! RUN! RUN!!!"
"...By the way fuck-wad, goodhussle."

NOTE: Moments of Abstract Dictaion are splattered throughout. To freshen up on Abstract Dictation, find a link in the navigation bar of this blog. All Abstract Dictations were by myself, and The Buffalo Killers.


23 go that's very seismology else is going Versalles there
Daniel almost say something else
just trying to like him. Like he says okay togetherness
don't always know how to
We doesn't matter what
Peaches he's the beaches eat the peaches
say something bottle
Tomatoes and see how to do something
Just anything say anything loudly saying
Star Wars
are you smells like there again. Because I can't smoke a cigarette yet to start smoking right now I love that show me motherfucker

 Zach Gabbard

Meanwhile... Balcony behind stage; the 'band room' that acts more like a secret nest. Being an embedded journalist with the Buffalo Killers means you are not with a band as a performer... But  none-the-less, a temporary facet of the band. During this night I was in the band, as the band. I was a non-combatant fighting the war from the phantom dance floor (no one was dancing, they never do in or near Cincinnati; they haven't been told it's ok) 

"You don't have to ask for a beer." I must have been starring again. So we, the Buffalo Killers, Julian the Wolf-mn (on the cusp of fatherhood) and I drink all of it, being an embedded journalist means you experience the same share of danger and experience the same threats as the band but they have guitars, drums and fanny-packs while you [the embedded journalist] have mere words. Death or Victory (we choose victory as always.)

Meanwhile... I will only describe it-- the unforeseen danger as an embedded journalist, as busted. This shall not turn into Wounded Knee nor shall it come to Custors last stand at Little Bighorn... Don't tempt me with the use of your semi-deranged talk of surrender, This shit is hairy like Da-Nang #ceptdifferent.

"You and me, we keep walking around
And we see all the bullshit around us.
You try to keep your mind on what's going down.
Can't help but see the rhinoceros" 
Jefferson Airplanes "House at Pooneil Corners"


Listen you don't 
You have any influenc

Envious eyes surround me from out of nowhere. Blaring. Riding the wave of understandable paranoia is one thing, but the looks I was getting this night were especially designed to show a threatening nature.  Mean phantoms jealous of the living? Just one theory.... Strange but still manageable. Paranoia can be heightened sense of awareness and I know, deep down, the guy walking behind me cursing like an olde tyme sailor into port was targeting me while I shuffled up the steps... Getting some unknown but rooted grudge off his chest. If even cowardly behind my back... Good for him. I hope he feels better if he/you are reading this. 

Is a something this revenue told Maddie
are you going
Go away
A little more

 SGHRevival Stairway

Through each band playing the 'big room' or whatever the kids are calling it--that 80's cover/radio band playing on the smaller bar stage in the other room still played on and on. I despise them but I also admire them. The way they played was as like the Khemer Rouge live at the Killing Fields... #ceptdifferent.

AD-D:14 (Solo/SoLow) Buffalo Killers take the stage; Death or Victory
Doing band before chaises unsettling. It's almost like there any cage but really would engage their freedom. Easier just to say hi I'll just DVD information waiting for go. What's going to happen with abstract is not bad strength anymore abstracted will be a model speech. The abstract of transportation will be normal talking. 
You will understand a fucking thing anymore it was eventually.
Talk about this with. Try this it never works. It's the last day for the first time

Reduced to abstractly dictating between songs due to the iPads hard-working microphone. Times (all of them) are that tuff -- those 3 T's  are totally intended. Bounce. Early in the set the B.Killers find the bounce and groove settling nicely. If you ask what 'the bounce and groove' is, then you will NEVER get the short version, the long version or the bear minimum. You will get asked POLITELY to leave  the 'phantoms only' dance floor. Two photographers appear. The band beer and good smoke from way earlier has me riled-up. I refer the photographers with their zoom lenses to Department 1 as I do my thing when I think I'm in one of their pictures... I tried to do it with pictures myself (see B.Killers debut release). I found words to be my thing even though I can find you examples of differentiating opinion.

The night went into wind-down mode for many except the Buffalo Killers. I speculated that many of the M-Fers (Monday thru Friday-ers) were just downright wore out. After 12-17 hours after initial  wake-up and, at best, a small nap before going out and maybe hitting the famed McDonalds dollar menu (remember: it's a dollars worth of burger NOT a burger for a dollar)--Even the strongest of the strong would be tested... Considerably enough, calling it a day at the earliest of the late hours and feigning the hunt for sleep as long as possible, you never win. You succumb to the night.

Jobs... 'reall jobs' are sucking the life right out of the modern American worker. People work to live and unfortunately, somewhere along the line, live to work. Many stop to buy a Buffalo Killers LP or shirt. Sorry, no beer cozy... The audience, who didn't wanna make a trip back to their car with their purchased Buffalo Killers T-Shirt or poster earlier with the looming Winter Weather Advisory blanketing the Greater Cincinnati area that ended up staving off its impact (and would do so until about time as the first watch ended) had the entire tri-state area on edge. The infamous Blizzard of '77 has created a region fearful of the white stuff. Two weeks being snowed-in may leave impressions in  a generation or twos minds.

 Andy Gabbard

As so, the ride back to the rural outskirts of Cincinnati and it's ever tart boundaries proves that maybe the weather isnt that bad at all. after all, you can ride home with your head outside of the window... If you want. It's freedom rock man TURN IT UP! Those wings... More noticeable in bright sunlight, are indeed, caused by caustic stomach acid and occasionally, thick-mattered something or other sticking like a textured surface on the wings sides
... Puke-wings-- extending down the side of the van. Dulling the color ever so slightly, it's  not mud, it's actually dried puke! Staining the vans paint with stomach acids and it's chunks of various gas station cuisine and dollar menu's a rockers rights of passage. You should never trust anyone who has never been at the business end of drunk... It's a passage of life! Man! Karma can be a real motherfucker... Puke splashes on me positioned at a gas-pump in a Covington gas station with the Queen Shitty within sight and shining bright, mocking us. I ensure the seat belt was going to hold someone in... It did and really, for whatever reason, despite the spray, it really wasn't that incredibly bad (this time) getting puked on. I deserved it. It was my time and place. For whatever reason that will still be contemplated as the cures for cancer and the common cold are found, sometimes puke, like garbage, just fucking smells good.

One day to the next another city and another egress. The vans got wings... Let's fly... That's a secret of rock and toll. Nobody's perfect. Life's little knives thrust in you good.  Like 10-15 people you don't know glaring at you. That's OK because they will eventually have to re-enter their other-lives under flourescent lighting destined to lose and destined to be entrapped versus being prized and coated in full-glory... I will never look at a van the same way again as long as I live... Traversing neighborhoods and interstates alike, I'm looking at every van I see for wings... Looking for a sign,,, Like a '57 Chevy with flames...And when I find one, which is actually pretty common in the Greater Cincinnati area (once you know what your looking for) I wave... Stick my arm out the window (despite the temperature) and yell as loud as I can:

"Aim High. Stay High motherfucker(s)"

This practice should prove interesting in any near futures you can imagine.

Please note: there is no future in Cincinnatis dreaming.

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Shortly after this piece, I was hospitalized for the bleedy foot wounds and have spent the time since being hospitalized, having surgeries, wound debridements and hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments all under the fear of amputation. Life is a hard fucker. I can prove it.