Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dinosaurs and Thunder "The Stuff Between The Stars" CD-R

Here is the third and final CD offering from Lo Fi City from the Northside Record Fair releases. The Stuff Between The Stars is a posthumous collection of jams... Jams Volume One... Which would imply that more are in the works. Stars features 7 songs or 'jams' (which are songs according to John Brannon of Easy Action) sounding like they were in their infancy of becoming 'real' songs. I think  I almost heard some background screams on one track but for the most part the use of 'Jams' means instrumentals. Actually, if there were more rim-shots from the tuffist (no, not a spelling error) 'Dro Corona and more use of delay pedals, Joshua Bradbury propels these tracks with baselines that could almost make this release a reggae/dub concept album. Over all Stars comes across like Fugazis Instrument CD soundtrack of the DVD. If you are, or were a fan of this band or are into local instrumental bands like Ampline and Mr. Pilgrim then please take note. If you got into Hoped Destinations (great album) take note too. A quick search will reveal bunches of free DL's of their material including this CD-R from the bandcamp page.


Learn more about the REAL  stuff between the stars: