Friday, November 22, 2013

Tyranny is Tyranny “Let It Come from Who it May” (LP+DL)

Duty calls. I must go get the trashcans. It’s Monday morning. My gas, as in flatulence, smells exceptionally bad. I may have to have a bowel movement later…  All the cars going up the hill and down the hill don’t notice a guy using a BBQ lighter whilst lighting up good the good smoke. A river of headlights goes up the hill and red-tail lights go down the hill. Every moment has a setting... and a soundtrack.

Madison, Wisconsin’s Tyranny Is Tyranny and their long-player Let It Come From Whom It May is thee soundtrack. A soundtrack of an introspective trip while dragging in garbage cans. The same trashcans that lost their wheels sometime ago. I just drag them to and from the curb each week. I feel as if a crime may be involved. The wheels were there once and I cant recall a time where I said to myself “Hey, me! What the fuck happened to those wheels?” They didn’t gradually wear down, they were there once, and are not there anymore. Were these wheels an artifact that’s already been sold out to museums? The smoke is on the water and fire is on my eyes. 

On Let It Come Tyranny is Tyranny attack with hard hitting burst of speed and force immediately leaving room for minimal harmonies that are given enough space and time to get their point across launching from one song to the next on an adventure of new thinking that really isn’t new, just new to you. Politically charged and steeped in leftist principles celebrating the proletariat class but not so fucking left that you swing back around to the right, on Let It Come Tyranny Is Tyranny create a double serrated edge with song and harmony. Existential striking minimal. Whatever works ALWAYS works you motherfuckers reading this. Utilizing the screamo-ish hardcore bringing to mind Trigger era Soul Side (Dischord, 1988) and screamo kings Rites of Spring (Circa 1984-86 Washington D.C.) this long player has brooding ominous overtones and nervy crescendos as Tyranny is Tyranny exhibit using Dischord Records as building blocks. Notes have been taken. lessons have been learned.

Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin aka George Sands1 July 1804 – 8 June 1876
Tyranny Is Tyranny play catchy, loud and abrasive (as it should be) hardcore and keep bringing to mind some hard-hitters in the vein of Pain of Mind by Neurosis (Alchemy, 1987). At other times, I’m reminded of the amazing hard-as-fuck Hellnation just a tad. I mention that because amongst Phratry’s sounds and ideals and ethics. A local greater Cincinnati band like Hellnation not only deserve, but cannot ever be acknowledged enough, in their commitment and execution to not only this areas scene and Phratry Records but also on a wider multi-national level. This LP is another winner for Phratry building on a very strong foundation. 

Be prepared, on Let It Come each song is a fight, a trial and eventual victory that I feel like I need a drink of water afterward… Intense and moody like Pink Floyds Darkside of the Moon except with rage. Also included in the LP is the per usual free download and a good olde tyme political leaflet… A bona-fide political statement! Cant figure out what instrument George Sands plays in the band. Maybe she is a friend of the band or something. Seriously, before this record I did not know who George Sands was, after this record and a Wikipedia article later I did… George Sands plays inspiration. Lots of bands like this get accused of ‘preaching to the converted’ but you know what? Sometimes, if you just allow yourself to admit it, you may actually learn something from records! Oh yeah, just in case you’re wondering, that bowel movement did come later after a few turns of this record. Coincidence?

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