Saturday, November 30, 2013

Substitute (Treatise)


Rome fell in the year 476 to barbarian hordes... One of the widely coveted treasures of the time was spice.

"You should take some sweetener from the table for your coffee tomorrow morning" she whispered to me. True, I was out of artificial sweetener for my morning coffee... I grabbed approximately eight packets of NutraSweet and placed them into my pocket.

NutraSweet isn’t an idea substitute for a substitute like Apriva, which is a Kroger’s store brand substitute for Splenda, but it will have to make due.

These times at the end of the American Empire are HARD TIMES now, just as the times were hard for Rome in the year 475.

Every empire falls. Raids for treasures continue.

A YES! WE ARE OPEN sign was displayed in the window of the automatic door almost heroically.