Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cincinnati 2013 Psyche Fest [Abstract Dictation]


CPF_2013_poster.pngNeedless to say, the iPad microphone that takes dictation and turns your spoken words to print is more than a little off. I fact, Id say it only gets about 40-50% of what you say right when your somewhere quiet and alone. Add a crowd or just have a single person around or sometimes the TV, and that percentage shrinks to about 5-9%. Do it at a show, like the Cincinnati Psyche Fest #2 and the percentage gets smaller… Almost indecipherable.

Coverage of the 2013 Psyche Fest that follows was done totally in this style. A style I am calling ABSTRACT DICTATION, which I suppose, is almost a method really but who is keeping score? The art of Abstract Dictation is one part toy 8-ball, one part Ouija Board and 1 part computer…

What you read below is the coverage of the Psyche fest from Mayday located in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 26th, 2013. This date was the climax of a verily abstract week that started at The Spits appetence at mayday on October 17th and culminated at the psyche fest. By the Cincinnati Psyche Fest, things were running on about 3 different planes of weirdness of whicj includes a picture of a UFO in northern kentucky by a friend.

Believe it or not. That’s  for you to decide/

-Shawn Abnoxious

I forgot I forgot what I forgot yeah went whenever you want to say something here whenever you're ready Tuesday
I will drive
Just this computer is hotel something someday you need to kill yourself
That this is really like my messages on bro all of quality time
Moving on. Then the need you never know that wrong with me

Reminders that I'm not invited myself I usually don't go eat at let's go
What do you eat in the PUD in the grocery store and then I like not pay for you Domi offset

It's not safe to travel or to hide a get on you stop" do Walkerville
Why was because it's because it's out with one being looking for
Now if somebody Galangale stuff word passes by this is a lockdown you don't this is all totally apologize girl not like last year I fucking me rephrase on that event tomorrow clock BMC

A Spansail Hill and everything because that's the only food that you could put any ingredients you will always bejust like everyone's listlessness babes also a lot of the future is a little small
Roses tell me

Anybody here because I don't want a pizza and W 44th putting the kids is
By the way
Did you hear us guys just delivers the one who is Mr. pizza delivery guy or what the ` 1211 who who
I think this is Ruttenberg 
Was nice seeing as it are you talking talking or not but pretty

Yeah boy that
Alright you get did you get review just before you doing okay this is what say this it's going to mail

Maybe 37 restating mall all Graybar Graybar used it regards I think you fucking make up I didn't know it is looking a going Havenrock trouble please
Are you it wasn't sore like fucking powerlines girl
Alliances anyplace like me help you like I hear strong-arm you see this is great that you got this in disrepair can does that they were crazy crazy ball. Later your help making me and just wait measurement you have your life and your bars

For their prayers like where all the fucking ride to side effects man dog and carnival Brooksill the wheel whatever is great going when you going to church festivals bullshit
Are we doing here alright I'm on my way something on
You know. My small review like all Google thanks that's all and all cook than the schedule wasn't going to pass the fitness being wrong
All why all okay wow what plowmen pretty boy you just ever watching confessions of a dangerous mind I don't want anything hey are you afraid you won't forget it anyway
Are you are religiously… I want to I won't happen inflatable's like more breaking is gone good luck offer today mad dear Coco water and Michael nothing else I just really don't serve one this is like windows you know thanks that be
That part of BlackBerries better
I devoted like to delay change. Was calling old what do you want me to do this again.

Start jumping their ladies yourself out that's it dictation Ray that I got multiple Wednesday leaving the lake that jazz late in the field of late asshole I know you I just wish that you want to sportspeople the government UK looking into an absolute genius is everything you have white hollow new Sweden

Reminders smoke weed she Dejong the advancement people be Great Hillhollow
Psychedelic or Dellarke

Are having a fight fest next year can we have a dual fast I Dilla that I did a deli deli no home to Dallas Adele if that's not okay my fucking adult fest right now it occurs actually six months from now
They will go over and out if you can forehand down is bad for you
Www.here is like like that Siri
For Natalie and I just needs now my world is always a callback went

Did the unification side to side the Dallas
I'm all give me something truly say something does sound for site in the deli Bay bay hotel euros rather some news.. Bad bye we're here to bring back of
Big ass
What keynote or there's a festive you and it's Peanneri sometimes I thought it was going on tonight. I Buryak to take a shit fast.Work I got up this morning I woke up fast not for that when we watch watch lost fast on the fucking chain own best non-non-fest
Did we already what was I sleepwalking again teacher okay daddy Fortyville
Good old we did it fast and creative bomb fast tell Kenny was pissed about that because everything about hospital because she what I thought this is directed toward me today like Nomark it's not about pretty funny
By Elvis Casillas the document fest festival not bad I just feel like I'm yours. And if it is

Yo we got to go to talk total fast we ordered two small give me three Watercastle fast is and give any extra Sunfest
Watch out Man
Yeah The doggy dog that formally game I didn't want wake up feeling bad this world of feel bad I didn't have a hot mess night performance yeah a lot of that you gave me
Blake thought I had needed all yeah yeah I don't want Brongere I think around :-(I just Littleborne today because of their country with the beltline 
holy shit was I just talking nothing like a Vegas resort
Again aren't plus I get Heavan? I didn't even with a more with our part is I didn't even

So, in the end... A 'day' later, the question(s) still remains, did I just sneeze? Was I just talking? What was that? A UFO? And each have yet to be answered.

This 'piece' is nominated for the 2013 William S. Burroughs Naked Lunch Pushing Boundaries of Relative Comprehension in Literature Award.

UFO over Northern Kentuckee
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Special Thanks to Todd (Photos), Sarah (Ufo) and that nice couple. and weed.