Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving (Abstract Dictation) 11/30/13

Testing really
Yes yes Noel is Kyle this is just
Visible been doing a whole alive line beers Lady was like hey what's going on like WTF Jerry found out okay okay okay okay love you so what now The Jerry Boger wednesday Siegel
Fuck is unlocked are Jerry not right now I Cavalieri home honey I think I'm starting to look at you with totally different
Variety to the linoleum category
Bread winners where is well made it back from you
And the beaches make pages

We stormed the beaches and ate the peaches

She calls it a hug but I call it mounting"

By Jerry giving like demonstration I will do push-ups he was injured. Jerry go get a work out after all just like every cowboy right now hey I tried to explain is Nathan she believes and your smile her I try to fill Kalvesta for piggyback ride on a regular won't know what want to go to Mount Rushmore and shoot the nose of one of the fucking president note
Obligate I think I'll take the dude in the glasses.Teddy Roosevelt right oh more it makes me think acquit The guy didn't want to 34 faces why did the guy do some motherfucking face lazy fuck it's none of that Jodeco buffet so Redmound did the small faces no basis
Mount Rushmore stop it was partially why because he was there a little defensive nothing back
You should go
Yeah figure Berrynoll many traders world they have added the casino Raisina the fish them alternate at the casino in enabling Pennywright
Want to do the last lap
The end