Saturday, October 5, 2013

Friends of Dorothy // The Crazy Squeeze

I have one of those turntables (Pioneer PL-990) that has an automatic arm that I slathered with labels and silver sharpie marks to 'stupid-it-down for me to get my 'control-room' on. I had all intentions to just say a few words about FRIENDS OF DOROTHY and post it but something is wrong.

Like I said, my controls are stupided down...  So I don’t have to really guess if the button saying 33 1/3 or 45rpm is engaged... I don’t need to take the best of three choices to start, stop or to elevate the arm... And I don’t have to stop and think if the toggle is set up for a LP or single... Over all, it’s a good turntable. A great product but when I put Friends of Dorothy on and went over my pre-listening checklist; rpm's CHECK. Record size? 7" CHECK. Lets go. I hit START and the record drops not at the START but after about 3=5 seconds from the songs actual start. So is he record a defect OR is the record player fucked up? Place bets now...

So I grab for a 7" from my un-listened bounty that pretty much sets me up for the next month and a half... And after all, it's almost as if I’m entering another buying frenzy... Not nearly equal of my previous splurges from 1995-2002 but still, got a lot of stuff to get to that I feel needs words.

I find a recently arrived gem THE CRAZY SQUEEZE "Younger Girl" b/w "Terminal Love"... Nope, that record plays just fine with my control settings.

Anyway, Friends of Dorothy hits with a four-song e.p. titled Jimmy Jansson e.p. (Spastic Fantastic, No year) I know absolutely NOTHING about this band and with the world at my fingertips just as much as the other guy via the Internet, I’m just gonna leave it at that. Information can be such a bummer. In a time and age where you can verbally ask a computer a question verbatim and get a bit of snide attitude back, the act of ignorance may become the next big fad. Its hip to not know.... I do know the 7" (salmon colored vinyl or something close to it- maybe even red) has a nice package and sounds great. They hit like a Futueheads with their quick wit and appear to wear suits well. I do not wear suits well. If I did, I would always wear a suit, a three piece suit, but I would just end up appearing like a stupidid down version of William Howard Taft and couldn’t go anywhere without a Philipino shaking my hand...

With each listen the Jimmy Jansson e.p. got better and better. Mod-Rockish. 'Mum' instead of 'Mom' there's something afoot here... You know what they say, once you get into power-pop you just cant stop and that is so true... Well, its clever enough to be true but really, I just made it up.  A mind-shit captured in the wild. The release may be a bit too slick but it doesn’t bother me one bit. It’s a good listen.

Unfortunately, this one review has turned into a dual review. This Crazy Squeeze 7" is some BIG stuff. Even more polished than Friends of Dorothy. This is a 7" single (Rapid Pulse, 2013). The A-side, "Younger Girl" with the piano sounds like some sleazy glam-punk... sorta NY Doll-ish or even Bowie-like. I can picture platform shoes. The songs bounce brings to mind a lil' touch of Shock Troops era Cocksparrer (yeah, I know, weird...). It’s a ballad... It sounds like quite an accomplishment or form of culmination. The Crazy Squeeze us going for it on this record. A closer inspection reveals two members have the name 'Johnny'. Of course they do. I should probably look up the B-Side of this single. "Terminal Love" doesn’t get the same credits as the A-Side. I don’t recognize hearing it anywhere before but I guess I’m not in a big mood to take the time and find the facts. I’m not a journalist; I’m a fucking enthusiast. (again). The song degrades into "Knocking on Heavens Door" which I feel indifferent about, whatever. But ends up going out with a repetitive "Terminal Love" wand a lil bit of guitar wanking before the repeating. Good Record, I know it kinda sounds like I hate it. but not really or i would waste my time reviewing something I bought.  I'm into the idea of hearing more from them.

Is that a tribute-ish roll call I'm hearing in there just behind the "Knocking On Heavens Door" part? Naming 'rockers' that died in tribute? Sounds like it but seriously, ODB? Sorry, that sits sour with me.  Detention (Killed By Death #2) said all that shit best with "Dead Rock and Rollers" Fuck ODB. If "Terminal Love" is in fact a cover (I will go retrieve Killed By Death #2 from my record shelves in the name of referencing- but still refuse to google it) maybe I would have liked it more if it was, in fact, a cover of “Dead Rock and Rollers"

But shit, it may sound like I’m in a grump-a-dump kinds mood but I’m not. Really, I got a good thing going... I’m sitting within arms reach of a keyboard writing this/these review(s) turning and flipping these two records back and forth. Using a TV tray as a mini desk with my bruddy, the volume knob also within reach (though it does take a bit of a lean) and all the lights are off except a low wattage soft light. It’s been a dreary day in Cincinnati. Rainy... and I love it. The suns shown for about a straight hour today and got the fuck back behind a cloud where it belongs. "Do I look stupid sitting ere like this?" I asked Julie. "I think you know the answer." She s right. But that’s ok. It’s not easy being Public Idiot #1. Someone’s gotta do it. Who better than I?

Friends of Dorothy
RIYL: Futureheads, Shoes, Vapors, Power-pop, 

The Crazy Squeeze
RIYL: Cheap Trick, Cocksparrer, NY Dolls,