Thursday, October 3, 2013

DUGGOUT "No Back Up" 7"ep ; CPR Lives on!

Hailing from Cincinnati circa 1998 on a self-styled instance-label Brewery Records, you got No Back Up from DUGGOUT.  They were an active three-piece consisting of CPR#1 regulars of their day Rich Wasson, Eli Sieman and Todd Uttley. If you dig melodic punk with tingles of hardcore coming through-- reminding me of something that could just as easily been on Lookout Records than anything that actually was- this is for you. Like if The Circle Jerks played like Green Day but the Green Day from back-in-the-day#2. Politically aware, consciously righteous  ‘were in this together’ 7-Seconds posi-vibe feeling, the lyrics and liner notes capture a portrait of Cincinnati and it's burgeoning punk movement at a beautiful time.

Four songs adorn this black wax with a gorgeous mix of typewriter, handwriting and a bit of that good oil' photocopy charm on its cover. It's not everyday that you buy a record just based on its character (like I did) but this one slipped through my lines… Here it is 2013 and I'm just now finding this record for the first time.

I'm almost ashamed of myself.

A still priced at 1990’s record prices ($3) it's better late than never. Get copies of this via Granado Records or at a SUBSETS#3 show.

RIYL: Cringer, J Church Lookout Records


Wasson Notes ('foot' notes)

#1 CPR=Cincinnati Punk Rock
#2 (Trademark)
#3 You can now find Todd screaming and playing guitar in SUBSETS. Not too sure what Eli is up to but I see him often... Rich, I last seen with the in-destruct able Ralph Parker in Bludstone or was it Gojira? No, it was Clause 83 (I'm pretty sure) doing drums with his trademark bare feet. Eli and Todd had an early 00's band called Meow Motherfucker. Whenever they played, their fans would 'meow' like cats. To say the least, it was oddly surreal and eerily beautiful at the same time