Wednesday, August 28, 2013

PIX: Mr. Pilgrim and The Mudlarks 08/24/2013 at The Chameleon

All pictures and brief commentart by Shawn Abnoxious

MR. PILGRIM                                                 Christopher
                                 Its all about the pedals! More Pedals!
MR. PILGRIM                                                          Ryan
                please note the beer and whiskey atop his amp.   
MR. PILGRIM                                                               Tim
                                                 Love watching this guy play
MR. PILGRIM                                                                               Atop Ryan's Amp, This is my favorite shot of the night.
Ladies and Gentlemen... THE MUDLARKS
L-R Todd Lothar, Lamb, Maxx Cold, Jimmy D
THE MUDLARKS                           Lamb on Vox+Bass
Hold The Line!                       Todd,Lamb and Jimmy D
THE MUDLARKS  hinted at a new full-length release coming soon.