Thursday, August 1, 2013

(Food View) In search of the Perfect C-spot

Very few of you out there (you know who you are--all five of you) might not know it already but I’m serious about my chili... I don’t necessarily mind different kinds of chili, I mostly just consume Cincinnati style chili following the Original Cincinnati Recipe provided on the back of the packet with only small, insignificant alterations (less water, more beef, add cocoa, sometimes pork sausage and beef, more pepper...).

When I first decided that I wanted to make chili I thought my Mom had her own recipe "Follow the instructions on the back" she said so despite minor alterations I’m not trying to really pioneer a new, special recipe or anything, I strive to make a pot of chili that will instantly remind me of my Mom in anticipation of that day when my Mom wont be accessible by a windy ride or telephone... I figure someday (hopefully) Olive will ask me, as I asked my Mom, about how to make 'Victory Chili' (as I refer to it) and I will tell her "Follow the directions on the packet"

I strive for consistent taste. Familiar taste. Not uniqueness... I see chili, in general, as being like sex. Sex is always good, but some orgasms are just better than others.

So, I ventured from my path and used the Gold Star Chili packets that were exactly next to my usual ones. Followed the instructions (sort of) on the packet and to make a long story short, it just wasn’t as good... or, maybe more appropriately, it wasn’t familiar.

I’m not sure why but upon bringing the mixture to a rapid boil that is needed before the chili magic really starts to take hold, there was a thin layer of 'burnt' on the bottom of my non-stick chili pot. My Mom said that I got it too hot too fast and fishing 90% of the black burnt flakes out of it for the next hour and a half didn’t help the final, overall taste. I 'scorched' it...

Really though, I didn’t follow instructions rather tan just went with my instincts. I made this Gold Star recipe the way I make my usual chili... My familiar chili... Which was instrumentally wrong. Despite almost the same result (more or less) I didn’t follow the instructions so really; this chili was doomed from the start.

This chili batch orgasm, chili-gasm was good, it was different and satisfying, just not as good as others.

Great with a good oyster cracker though... I noticed soon enough that a bite in accompaniment was better with a cracker. Any chili that needs to be eaten in conjunction with a cracker is not a as decent of a batch.... not up to my own personal Victory Chili standards.

"Its not as good was it,” said my Mom over the phone. I could tell from background noise she was sitting right next to one of the AC window units. Its roar of coolness being essential for her and her declining health. "No. It wasn’t" I acknowledged.

Truthfully, I’m not known for 'adventures' when it comes down to food and especially me cooking. I can admit that. I’m not as bad as I use to be, but still not adventuresome some in many ways. You should hear me order a cheeseburger from a restaurant. It gets no plainer than with me...

The familiar, plain and boring (as compared to many of my friends palettes) is what I like and despite my branching out and error in direction following, I’ve learned my lesson with this Non-Victory Chili.

I’m gonna stick to what I know is good when it comes to Victory Chili

The familiar...