Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Grow Horns "Proper Seasons" CD

This is one of two Cincinnati bands that share this name. The Grow Horns 1 is Miles Uroshevich flexing out as the noises soldier in the ever-growing totally admirable Cincinnati Experimental/Noise scene, or as I like to call it the ‘No/Fi’ scene. Grow Horns 1 wedges itself into a tight spot exploring the dangerous boundaries and definitions between what people call music, noise and art. I have expressed not only my support of this sub-genre of a sub-genre here on Thwart before. With words I recognized defining and support of the endeavors of Grow Horns 1, Hard-On Collider and others including No/Fi Prince of Light himself, Nelson Slater as the captain of Steam-Age Time-Giant. Grow Horns 1 has pressed the fragile boundaries and has ended up drawing very distinct lines with several local venues banning Grow Horns 1 from claiming appearances at already booked venues. Then you have Grow Horns II… also featuring Miles Uroshevich. Grow Horns II on Proper Seasons couldn’t be father from what has been done under the first identity. Grow Horns (2) is one man. one guitar, seven tracks of pure sonic genius. Miles, with Grow Horns I has drawn lines. Waged a guerilla war with sound… Separated the fake from the many and militarized the ‘fool’ to create a release that ends up not only being one of the freshest takes on the singer/songwriter genre that I have ever witnessed with these eyes- the ones still full of sleeps crusty remnants- But one I feel unwavering support for and feel the need to force upon people in uncomfortable ways. “YOU HAVE TO HEAR THIS CD” I have said many different times to many different people and now I’m saying it there, in THWART so its one the internet and everyone just hangs onto my every word so millions upon millions of people now have a choice. BUY THIS CD and LISTEN! Reminding me of a mix between Josh Ritter, Neil Young and The Clean, many people would pick up this CD and if they recognize the band name would more than likely assume its Grow Horns 1 but they would be wrong. Miles has drawn a line with Grow Horns 1 and fortified it with Grow Horns 2. Never before have I been so tested with music and never before have I also felt as assured that I’m witnessing pure genius in sonic form. There is an art to the protesting spirit… Those supporting an idea and boundary despite its level of comfort and acceptance. Miles is the kind of guy that will tell you right off the bat “Go Fuck Yourself” but therein lays the pure beauty of it. Art, sonic or otherwise, needs to flirt with the attitudes and definitions that it has created for itself and push envelopes and limits. Yeah, Grow Horns 1 is nothing like Grow Horns 2 but that’s your test, not mine. This review itself shows you where I’m. In all its glory, Miles Uroshevich has found a spot with Proper Seasons that’s all his own and your either with him, or against him. There’s no bridges to the island Miles occupies. They’ve already been burned a long time ago. You’re the arsonist in this scenario.

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