Monday, May 27, 2013

Dinosaurs & Thunder; Going Extinct?

News extend from the Dinosaurs & Thunder camp that I suppose I sorta broke already in my 05/18/13 (Scene) Notes #WeAreAtWar piece. I guess a 'my bad' is in order...

My bad.

Jonathan Stout writes:
"Unfortunately Rob and Dro will be moving out of state by the end of the summer. Our final show with this lineup will hopefully be in early July (tentatively, because nothing is booked yet.) We are very sad about the departure of our brothers, but we offer nothing but love and support to them and their future endeavors. As for the future of Dinosaurs and Thunder, we still have at least 3 eps worth material created with this lineup that we plan on releasing over the upcoming months. Jon and Josh will remain from the original lineup. A new second guitarist/songwriter is already in place and roughly 6 new songs have been written in anticipation of the new lineup. We'll be starting to try out new drummers in late June/early July. If you are interested in playing drums for us, please comment, message, or email us. We're pretty laid back, fun dudes to work with, but we're also driven and goal oriented."

Visit Dinosaurs & Thunder on Bandcamp to view their expanding catalog of music.