Monday, May 20, 2013

05/20/13 (Playlist) "I Nearly Mowed My Lawn"

BOLD= from Cincinnati      Itallics&Bold= from Ohio Propper

I'll Be Your Mirror Old City Hot Horse EP
414 Seconds PERE UBU "Lady from Shanghi"
Levitate Me PIXIES "At The BBC"
Hangin' Tree QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE "Songs For The Deaf"
Cronat Gold Randy America F*CK VISION
Smokescreen Religious Knives Smokescreen
Amnesia RICHARD LLOYD "Radiant Monkey"
Life is Shitty, Live on MTV SEXUAL TENSION "5 Songs for Doin' It!"
Invisible People Slickee Boys Cybernetic Dreams of Pi
Love Twilight Slickee Boys Fashionably Late
Empty Screens Something Fierce Don't Be So Cruel
Ghost Bitch w/ I'm Insane Sonic Youth Walls Have Ears
State Of The Union Subverts Busted At Oz
Cheree (Remix) SUICIDE "First Album" [Disc 1]
Louie Louie (Where Did She Roam) Thee Headcoats Elementary Disc 2
More Suicides Please THOUGHT CRIMINALS "Chrono-Logical" [Disc 1]
The Innocent THOUGHT CRIMINALS "Chrono-Logical" [Disc 2]
Orchestration THOUGHT CRIMINALS "Chrono-Logical" [Disc 2]
Dark Radar trins-trans Darth Vadar
Tall Contest trins-trans Darth Vadar
I Nearly Married A Human 2 TUBEWAY ARMY "Replicas" (Bonus)
Zero Bars (Mr. Smith) TUBEWAY ARMY "Tubeway Army"
The State Is Bad U.S. MAPLE "Long Hair In Three Stages"
Lisbon THE WALKMEN "Lisbon"
Forever For Her (Is Over For Me) THE WHITE STRIPES "Get Behind Me Satan"
What Happened To Me? WHiTEGiRLS "This Wont Hurt A Bit"
Reuters WIRE "Pink Flag"
Pink Flag WIRE "Pink Flag"
Dead Horse THE WOLVERTON BROTHERS "Old Ugly and Loud"
Simulated Lovers X (Australian) "Aspirations"
Revolution X (Australian) "Aspirations"
Tick YEAH YEAH YEAH'S "Fever To Tell"
Cinderella Complex 11,000 SWITCHES "Auto Glamour Sounds"