Sunday, April 14, 2013

Daddy "Songs about Prostitutes" CD (Review)

Poking its head out of the shell that is Cincinnati’s expanding and unstoppable experimental music scene is this band… Conventional stripped minimal unconventional songs with the spirit of The Cramps, Fuxter Schittly (Local), Hogscrapper (local) or even the Butthole Surfers, Songs about prostitutes is one hillbilly rompin’ rockabilly rippin’ piece of corn mash tongue in cheek whiskey weirdness after the next. While bringing to mind a darker version of Johnny Horton except admiringly entrusted to repetitive weekends of strong, controversial hallucinatory methods. Songs About Prostitutes delivers twelve abrasive almost stream of consciousness based mountain music songs… ‘Country Music?’ Which country you ask? You know, the one…the part of the mountain that is rarely seen and nearly forgotten… Until your gently reminded that all is NOT under your control. You thought you had it all figured out but no… You don’t. There are uncontrollable elements on the periphery of your boundaries that truly control your actions… The Piranha Principle. Too many to control. Give them space. The universe works itself out to evened proportions. Yin-yang. Someones gotta do it isn’t just a principle of communism… it’s a fact of life in any society since society was founded. Chaos, madness… That good high or accidental morning drunk… Songs that are unabridged not especially designed to be offensive but thought provoking and confrontational where it needs to be and all out weird freaky other times. Production factors are high with this one. Well recorded and honestly, this wasn’t a bad listen. I had my doubts at first I will admit but this CD is (as I will explain in following post soon on …Thwart!) Songs is exhuming with confidence, resilience and creativity. There is a beauty about a song like “Skinheads are Faggots” that ends up making sense in the end. The brooding-ness of “Black Bone Ridge” makes me wonder if Lux Interior is really dead after all… The blues ish “Linda Bell”… This stuff is dead on interesting. Someones gotta do it… So you don’t have to. Thats what a hero is.

Cicadatone POB 20181 Cincinnati, Ohio. 45220