Monday, March 25, 2013

...Thwart! Scouting Report

Just one night walking around and talking can get you a lot of information...heres what i got:

Hitting like a blast of UK punk circa 1978 something about CHA CHA CHACHI clicked. Instantly I'm a fan. I told Josh "Chachi" Landers, the lead singer at a recent appearance at 1207 (Cincy by the Slice) in Cincinnati, Ohio: "If I had a record label i would fucking put something out by you!" well wouldn't you figure! A couple days later, Granado Records Debuts! Uh-Oh... Guess I'm gonna have to put out or get out. I'm still a bit upset that more people didn't listen to Cha Cha Chachis contribution to their KILLED BY THWART but whatever... sometimes greatness is ignored. Even when delivered.

SAD GODS I had seen popped up on facebook in recent days and had shown up at 1207 on March 22nd as a sort of scouting endeavor cause they were going to play the next night... I handed them a Socials pin and that caused a reciprocated pin of theirs in turn which meant a promise to also check out their band camp site. Space is Haunted is a three song effort hitting minimal, striking maximum. Good stuff. Moody and grabbing like a fish hook. There are elements to this band that I love and I'm gonna keep an eye out for... Hear them for your own damn self here.

THE PARIAHS ahhh.. What can ya say... This band is a Cincinnati institution despite the fact that is you type The Pariahs Cincinnati in Facebook for a search in Facebook there was same struggle... But google on the other hand beget the video below. Whatever you do, don't ever get Kevin (Pariahs lea) started talking about Brian Jones and The Rolling Stones... Trust me on this.