Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The New Tongues “We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For” 12”/DL (Review)

Dear Missouri,
Seriously, you had your fun. We want our property back. Or else.
-Cincinnati Punk Rock community.
VINYL VERSION: We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For cover art
The New Tongues hail from Columbia Missouri the fifth largest city in Missouri The Athens of Missouri (thx Wikipedia). This, their debut release, will sound familiar and downright favorable to most ears. The New Tongues includes Greater Cincinnati native ‘Sean Jones.’ No, that is not his real name (he remains in deep cover protected by the witness relocation program.) "Sean" or SJ is a well known battle hardened veteran of the mid-late 90's/'00s Cincinnati Punk Rock scene including bands that rhymes with ON DOOG ZERO's as well as Phratry Records DOGAPILLAR CRACKS... SJ is an unforgettable scene veteran from a time when basements citywide set the scene for the abundance of talent and wide support of what the Greater Cincinnati punk and underground scene would become in 2013... No, you cant have too much of a good thing. So what better thing to do than start over somewhere new? Well, SJ took what he knew west. Cutting through the bullshit particulars will bring about The New Tongues eventual solidifying as a three piece. 

SJ comments further “The story is actually kind of boring. My family and I had been living in Columbia for about a week in the summer of 2011 when my son and I went to a "DIY art/craft street fair”

Yeah… A craft fair. You read that right.

“I met Justin (Vocals, Bass, Micro Korg) at the fair and we began playing and writing songs together. It was just the two of us playing bass and guitar for a few months in this tiny little room. It's rather funny to picture two people playing stage volume in a little closet… Mike (Drums) and Justin went to high school together. Justin and I had been trying to find a drummer for a few months before we met up with Mike at a show to see what he thought. He agreed and we wrote most of the album in the course of the next 4-5 months. Juggling jobs, kids, and other adult things, we're still going strong.”

Greater Cincinnati left its mark on SJ though... A sonic scar…

The New Tongues exhibit that hard-edged refined Dischord Records feel emo-ish hardcore element that Phratry Records has buttered its bread with and established here in the Cincinnati Area.... In other words, fans of the Phratry sound, THIS is what you been waiting for... 
Button Pack main photo

Dynamic. (New) Tongues in cheek. Powerful, melodic. Effect-heavy guitars. Well written songs that seems to hint at deeper meanings being touched on. Ones will leave a taste of blood in your mouth. The New Tongues are cynical warriors attacking without warning on your ear drums finding a sonic level that you didn’t know existed before you found Ones was already jabbing constantly and consistently at the combined enemies displayed fang full snapping jaws. Your hooked aren’t you?

You… you just have to follow through now. Fulfill the prophecy. I know you can do it. I believe in you.

The New Tongues ARE the ones you been waiting for aren’t they? New tongues are needed cause the old ones are bitten off. As a sign of solidarity to all those that paid the sonic price earlier. What do you do when you bite off your tongue? Easy. You grow a new one: A FIST. It’s the unnaturally natural, logical next step.

Thanks science. I knew you’d come around to my way of thinking.

Ones is eight songs strong but at near long play length. A couple instrumentals cleverly place augment such songs as "Shaking Hands with the Sheriff" which exhibits an eerie DEAD KENNEDYS feel with smart assed DICKS-esq lyrical snideness with just a mere dash of LES SAVY FAV thrown in for measure.” Awkward City" will getting you checking your preferred music listening device just to make sure that somehow a WOLVERTON BROS. record or CD or whatever the fucking kids (*1) listen to music on, didn’t change or switch or whatever by itself (*2).

Ones will leave you wanting more these eight songs play well and are over before they begin. Hitting the 'play again' button will further the mystery. I can watch Apocalypse Now over and over and get some new insight easily (*3). Ones is similar to that. On "The Toucher" New Tongues flex the strong ties to Dischord Records and comes across like a FUGAZI double guitar line up that just bought some delay pedals. Please note: PEDALS not PEDAL...  It’s hard to think of the New Tongues as a three piece. The sound wall they create appears as if multi layered and unstoppable.
Sticker Pack
In summary, Ones is a verily well-put together release. Great production. Great song writing. Moody. Cryptic. Intense and propelled by emotion and self-confidence. Once more, Ones plays well (dare I say Expertly. Yes, I dare!) and leaves you hungry wanting more.

Leaving you hungry…
Stay hungry... You will be back for more. (*4)

But you knew I'd say that (this) didn’t you?

The New Tongues “We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For” 12”/DL 

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(*1) know; the FUCKING KIDS
(*2) Artificial Intelligence is Imminent
(*3) A uncomfortable understanding and sympathy for Col. Kurtz last time.
(*4) Now I will eat meatballs and spaghetti.