Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Extra-Point Kick is Up... It's GOOD!

'Extra' Touchdown Point(s)

I don’t hate football but I do enjoy its terminology and highlight news footage. I don’t watch the games, Bengals or otherwise, but its something I can say I appreciate...

If you were desperate enough to read TOUCHDOWN! (The War Is On), I bet you have nothing but questions with the main one being: Did Mike and Calvin escape? Did they and the car get smashed? Did they bail out and run for it? Did they escape some other way?


Like my first 'official' short story THE LAST AMERICAN, you are left with nothing but questions. This story was designed that way. Also, like American, this story is based in truth. Yeah, 'Mike' is based on me (it's my first name actually) but this Mike is way cooler. 'Calvin' is based on my best bud back in the early 90's Kevin (we found punk-rock together). My late Grandma thought his name was Calvin in reference to him so I took thus opportunity to use it. I really did have a Cavalier Station Wagon (but not in the EARLY 90's, the MID 90's). My first car was a light blue two-door Cavalier Sedan. My Dad did work at GM. I am terrible at taking care of cars and I feel a bit guilty about it. Summer Grove was a community I lived in during a short period of time in Shreveport Louisiana (I think). Bingo wasn’t really gay I think but I needed some way to show that I’m not homophobic. I would never judge anyone due to his or her sexual preference. That shit is as childish as Kevin and I telling an army of jocks to FUCK OFF (I can’t exactly remember the particular insult but we did commonly call jocks 'fags' because it made them the angriest). The high-speed chase, with Bingo as a passenger and involving hatchets, really happened. The Warriors and the High School was based from Cincinnati's Moeller Catholic High School (school colors yellow and blue) but Matton Murdoch and his sickly water boy younger brother will subtly tie in with another short story still in the works, DOOMOON.

So what happened to Mike and Calvin; two fictional characters based in reality?

To be honest, I’m not sure. At the last minute, the light turned green and just as the team caught up with us, Kevin and I escaped... I’m not sure about Mike or Calvin. That was a tight spot indeed. Maybe their luck ran out that time... True, it wasn’t looking good for them, but Kevin and I made it, I hope they did too.

Yeah, we listened to CRASS like crazy. That song wasn’t really playing though. Kevin had a CRASS emblem on back of his punk leather. I always thought it was cool, so I worked CRASS into this story. Anytime I hear CRASS I think of Kevin; our times and trials and I smile because, in that pathetic personal war, we fought side by side and we survived. Touchdown! is dedicated to him.

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