Tuesday, October 9, 2012

HONOR CODE "Got Me By The Balls" 7"EP

First thing's first, always first. If it was the last thing then it would be last. Duh. Verily special thanks to Gunther 8544 who slid this my way... Thanks Gunny, your the man. If it’s the Reds and Orioles in The World Series and the Reds lose, I’m still a winner wearing an Orioles cap... HONOR CODE (HC) hails from the Tidewater region of Virginia (Virginia Beach) and share members with KBD rippers and heralds of THE CANDY SNATCHERS mantle DEATHTRIP. HC are a thrash-hardcore pick-sliding three piece. As you can surmise from that compounded description, this shit is fast... This shit is intense... Snarled angst rules supreme. This shit is the kind of stuff you expect skaters to listen to while their ripping pools or ramping half-pipes or doing whatever skaters do. This hand-numbered slab of battleship grey vinyl delivers six pick sliding "Pick Your Kings" era POISION IDEA jams mixed with the snottiness of THE CIRCKE JERKS... I wanna say something about how this reminds me of JFA too but that’s only because JFA is one of those bands that you expect skaters to know like the fresh pain of their scabbed elbows. Teen angst replaced by 20's something angst on the lyric sheet. That’s an awkward time too when you really think about it and deserves as much emotional outlets as any other 'phase'. In conclusion, this ones a winner.