Tuesday, January 10, 2012

HUMAN SWITCHBOARD "Who's Landing in My Hangar"

When Greg Mongroll reminded me about this band via a facebook post it only made natural sense to me to activate a iTunes gift card if, just by chance, this bands stuff was available through iTunes. It was... Automatically, I would like to think that HUMAN SWITCHBOARD would be closer to sounding like THE DANCING CIGARETTES because really, the sound similarities are sorta there...and HUMAN SWITCHBOARDS earlier stuff does remind me of the DANCING CIGARETTES... a bit...  and ultimately, I suppose I really wanted to hear more from DANCING CIGARETTES (such a great band) but ultimately, HUMAN SWITCHBOARD are closer to early BLONDIE material. Im talking of the 'X Offender"/ "Platinum Blond" era sound of BLONDIE here... And thats OK, really OK. I have a certain affinity for that early Blondie stuff. I rediscover it a couple different times a year. HUMAN SWITCHBOARD have that same sort of cynicism to their sound as BLONDIE... Sassy... Wordy... Breathy... HUMAN SWITCHBOARD have a bite to back up their bark' like BLONDIE too. They exhibit a rawness and honesty that shines through in their sound with just enough of the punk and new wave aesthetic that keeps it interesting. HUMAN SWITCHBOARD really harken back to the hey day of  oldies style rock and/or roll even the sobering melodies of honky-tonk all with a realness and zeal that keeps it interesting.When they get going though, they really get going on songs like "Who's Landing In My Hanger?"and "Believe In You" which reminds me of a lost EINSTEINS RICEBOYS song from Milk of Amnesia or "Book On Looks" which has a CONTROTIONS or THE OFFS feel to it... Yeah, it gets a bit funky but just before anything goes too far this or too far that, HUMAN SWITCHBOARD keep it in a familiar neighborhood. Even if it was just me craving something from THE DANCING CIGARETTES, and HUMAN SWITCHBOARD, not being exactly that... Im proud with the result... Close is close enough motherfuckers!