Friday, October 7, 2011

Slapping At The Revenge

In the corner of my eye!
All of a sudden...
A spider!
How long was he sitting
on my shoulder before
I noticed him?

It was while writing
a short story called
The Last American
when I noticed him...
... SLAP!
Was the spider, maybe,
literacy’s revenge?
Or maybe it was
America’s revenge?
Revenge against an injustice
that I perpetuated
in the story that I wrote.
...with my literary style...
Against the sanctity
of the written word.
...with my radical views...
Against the ersatz patriotic
belief in my nation?

Sweet, sweet revenge.
One day revengence will find me
no matter how well I hide.
It finds everybody eventually.
So I don’t try to hide anymore...


The spider.
It found me...
Spiders can be verily dangerous
as far as creatures go...
I have never liked bugs,
much less spiders.
... SLAP!

I have lots of enemies.
Lots and lots of enemies...
Those lots are a good thing too!
It means I’m doing something right...
Words are dangerous things.
Verily dangerous things.
My enemies make themselves
enemies because of words..
Their position with my words...
Their position in my words...
They find their spot...
It’s their choice...
It’s their doing...
Their problem with me
and my words...
Their overemphasis
in the grand scheme of things.
They draw the lines...
Those lines are not mine!
I defy those lines!
Spies and assassins line up
in groups of four on
the dance floor...
That is also a good thing!


Let'em line up the way they do.
They love those lines of theirs.
So line up boys, do what you do best!
Line up where I can see'ya real good!
One by one...
By one...
By one...


Now every itch that surfaces
is a suspected arachnid.
I slap first, then look second.
This slapping at the revenge...
After I have already
relocated to a new spot
to sit and write this poem!
I will slap.
I will move.
I will monitor the lines...
Give them an eye as needed…
Most importantly though,

... SLAP!