Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Last American

The Last American (?) Photo Shoot
09/04/11  The Last American?   photo by Julie
          In the late 90's it was decided that the structure of the US military should be re-designed to better protect against an attack on American soil that they expected no later than 2003...

            The Last American is the accumulated result of a decade's worth of ultra-level faux patriotism and the insanity of war fervor colliding on a minute-to-minute basis. The Last American sets the scene where a simple dinner with friends becomes entangled into a bigger, jumbled struggle where it appears everything, and everyone has an agenda, has a plan, and everyone knows deep down that they are doing the right thing, at the right place at the right time.

            In a day and age where many people are convinced that they are living in the decline of an empire and are seeing the death of The American Dream from the 50 yard-line, you will wonder and ask the question of yourself that you were afraid to ask before now...

            Who is The Last American?

*  *  *

            THE LAST AMERICAN is the first official short story by Shawn Abnoxious. Whereas it is based on the truth, the story is truly a fictional tale that accumulates more than ten years of avid news broadcast viewing and reading in-between the lines.

            The story clocks in over 6,000 words and be forewarned, the subject matter of the story is NOT for weak stomachs (you have been forewarned). This story also breaks boundaries and standards by featuring not only an epilogue, but also two (2) preludes! A double prelude which is similar to a double-cheeseburger, but with words!

            Plus, there is a bonus question at the end of the story that is worth up to 10 bonus points!

          THE LAST AMERICAN is available for FREE download as a PDF/E-book. Tell your friends. Pass the story along. Join the free spirit of literacy and social awareness. The Last American would do it, will you?

            Download THE LAST AMERICAN (TLA)  HERE   HERE

            Pass it along.

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