Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lose The ‘Tude "... Starring at Pictures of Kurt Cobain” 7” ep

Lose the Tude "Starring at Pictures of Kurt Cobain" 7"
     This is the second release from this Columbus Ohio area hardcore band that has really impressed me. I mean that. I’m impressed... Even more so that to hear that some part of this band hails from a long running pop punk band called DELAY. What?!? Is pop punk NOW the same stuff that I detested THEN? Since when did NOW exactly become NOW and not THEN? Am I that fucking old NOW? Because the way I tend to remember it, pop-punk had its place but I didn't know ANYONE that could be remotely involved in that genre and be able to crossover and be involved in a band with a sound like Lose the ‘Tude! Impressive. The press release links ‘Tude to positive hardcore stuff like GORILLA BISCUITS, which is actually a band I really got into for a it back there (1) as well with all those other bands on that NYHC tape with YOUTH OF TODAY, SICK OF IT ALL, NAUSEA and more... But if CRUCIAL YOUTH are posi-core (as in positive hardcore) then I must say, ‘Tude fucking blow them away. ‘Tude don't throw it down yer pie hole about brushing your teeth or anything, this band isn't a preachy band... In fact, this 7” is way better than that stuff. They aren't that brand of positive hardcore. ‘Tude are about the positive outlook and exhibit the enthusiasm that many bands fail to achieve their entire career. Yeah, ‘Tude are reminiscent of material like you found on the label New Red Archives, but actually, a bit more interesting. There are ten songs on this 7” in the vein of hardcore thrash-punk reminding me slightly of early POISON IDEA (without as much Germs influence) but really bringing to mind SoCal hardcore circle-pit punk. The Bandannas-around-wrist-and-head sorta junk... Not talking necessarily LEWD or anything, but ‘Tude are intense and reach out with a studded fist behind that scream. I can see pictures of this band playing live (in my head), and how it should all look based on how this record sounds. I have said it before and I will say it again, punk-rock isn't dead. But hey, got a bit off track back there... Standouts from this 7” include “Consuming Me” from side A and three more from side B “Give a Shit”, “Spray Out” and the incredible jam that harkens back to the mid-80’s hardcore days song “Fleas” which exhibits the phenomenon of Last Song; Hardcore (2) which is a bit loose and out there with the ending noise and tempo change... Wow. This release is the sort of thing that really gets me into a band. I think if I seen one of their LP’s or CD’s or a flyer on a telephone pole in the ‘bad part of town’ I would be inclined to check this band out. Me and Treebeard with 40’s in the pit (he is holding my second one unopened) wearing Star of David back patches picking kids up when they fall down. Fuck yeah! We would do it for the kids!!! Also, if you listen to this record PROPERLY (3) you will find a locked groove at the beginning of side B. Cleverly placed. Verily inconvenient. I appreciate that. Thanks, in so many ways, whoever decided on that feature... I owe you one and a half PBR’s or Juice Boxes or whatever your poison is (we will each have one and sip-n-share one as a symbol of camaraderie; mein promise to YOU).

(1) As in Back In The Day
(2) Term developed in conjunction with Andy Breighton (thank you). Last Song Hardcore is a phenomenon whereas hardcore bands would typically use their last song to exhibit a free form jam of some sorts that would be a bit different compared to their other songs. Sometimes, it would be/could be a bit post-punk or artistic...
(3) 3/5 times placing stylus to record MANUALLY I found the locked groove. After 5 'AUTOMATIC' tries none found the locked groove.

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